Saylers celebrate 50th wedding anniversary

June 26, 2012

George and Colleen Sayler in 2012

George and Colleen Sayler, of Issaquah, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary June 30, 2012, with a luau party hosted by their children Tricia, Craig, Michele and Michael, and daughter-in-law Mindy.

George and Colleen both grew up in Magnolia, where they met through mutual friends in the neighborhood. They started dating on Halloween in 1958. They got engaged March 3, 1962, and married June 30, 1962, at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church, in Magnolia.

They lived in several different locations in Magnolia, finally settling in the house on West Boston Street that George grew up in. In that house, they started their family. In February 1966, they became foster parents to daughter Tricia, whom they adopted in September 1966. They had their son Craig in May 1967, daughter Michele in August 1968 and son Michael in December 1972.

Colleen and George Sayler in 1962

In 1975, they moved to Woodinville. George worked as a plumber at the University of Washington until he retired in 1995. After retirement, they moved to Klahanie in 1999.

George and Colleen have seven grandchildren — Alexandra, Jordyn, Carsen, Karter, Brett, Mallory and Braxten. This year, they celebrated their eldest granddaughter graduating from high school and their youngest granddaughter graduating from kindergarten.

Through the years they have enjoyed spending time and traveling with their family and friends — especially the grandkids who give them so much joy — tent camping at Island Lake, trips to San Diego to visit family, trips to Kalaloch and Cannon Beach, going to car shows at the Triple XXX Rootbeer Drive-in, gardening, decorating for Christmas in a big way and they are longtime University of Washington Husky football season ticket holders.

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Secrets lie at the heart of the Porters’ 50-year marriage

May 29, 2012

Beverly and Jack Porter in 2011

Keeping secrets is part of what has kept Jack and Beverly Porter together for 50 years.

During the Sammamish couple’s half-century marriage, Jack spent 12 years as a contractor for the CIA. The pair faced the challenge of keeping Jack’s career identity secret from their five children and friends. In those 12 years, no one knew except for Beverly. The couple explained that sharing the secret made them stronger.

“We were in it together,” Beverly said.

The Porters are about to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Looking back, they attribute the longevity of their relationship to their children, their faith and a pair of other important factors.

“There are two ingredients,” Jack said about his martial success, “patience and a sense of humor.”

The couple met in October 1961. Jack, then a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin, was working as a sales representative for the American Can Co. He was transferred to Seattle, where he met Beverly, a North Dakota native who had recently moved to the Lake Hills area of Bellevue with her family.

One year later, on June 2, 1962, the couple was married at St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church in Bellevue.

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Rowan and Barbara Hinds celebrate 50th anniversary

April 24, 2012

Rowan and Barbara Hinds

Apparently they were no fools to marry on April 1, 1962!

Rowan and Barbara met at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Ore., in 1960. Rowan was in the Army Reserve Officers Training Corps, and upon graduation in 1962, he was commissioned a second lieutenant and they got married. Their honeymoon was a cross-country trip to Augusta, Ga., where he attended basic officer’s school at Fort Gordon.

After more schooling at Fort Monmouth, N.J., Rowan was sent to France, where Barb joined him a few months later. They spent one year in France followed by two years in Germany before returning to Corvallis, where Rowan obtained his master’s degree.

In 1967, they moved to Longview when Rowan took a position with Northern Pacific Railway Timberlands (now Plum Creek Timber), and Barbara concentrated on building their first home and raising their toddler with a second on the way.

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Horns celebrate 50th anniversary

December 27, 2011

Jimmy and Monita Horn in 2011

Monita grew up in Coulee Dam and Jimmy grew up in Pullman. They met in Pullman while both were attending college. Jimmy had just returned from the United States Navy after five years and Monita was a senior at Washington State University.

Al Schy, president of the Folkdance Club, hosted a party at his house in Pullman. It was between semesters and only a few students were in town. Al invited his old buddy, Jimmy, and introduced him to Monita and her friends. That spring, Jimmy attended the Folkdance Club.

Monita didn’t pay much attention to Jimmy until that summer, when they were all working. She needed a ride out to the hills to collect plants. They spent several times together, getting to know each other.

That fall, Monita went to college in the east and they wrote to each other once a week. When she came back on vacation in August, Jimmy picked her up at the airport in Spokane, giving her a ride home. Later he proposed, and she accepted.

Monita found an apartment in Pullman to live in until they were married. She went to graduate school in botany and taught a lab section of Botany 101 for work. They were married Dec. 29, 1961.

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Robbers celebrate 60th anniversary

December 20, 2011

Richard and Molly Robbers in 2011

Richard and Molly Robbers, Issaquah residents from 1963-1987 who are currently living in Everett, will celebrate their 60th anniversary Dec. 28.

They have six children.

You could say that the first decade of Belfair couple Rick and Molly Robbers’ life together indelibly shaped the five decades that followed.

They spent their honeymoon, beginning Dec. 28, 1951, coaxing a 1949 Ford convertible from Everett to Pensacola, Fla., where Rick was stationed in the Naval Aviation Cadet Program. Cadets weren’t supposed to be married and once when Rick returned to the base after curfew, having secretly tended to his ailing bride, a smug duty officer wrote him up, eager to bust Rick’s chops. Was seeing Molly a few minutes more that night worth it?

“Of course,” Rick said.

It didn’t hurt later when Rick — aboard a troop transport taking newly minted naval officers to N.A.S. Barber’s Point, Oahu, Hawaii — greeted that same duty officer, washed out and dishing up chow.

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Marv and Lucille Lemke celebrate anniversary

September 13, 2011

Marv and Lucille Lemke celebrate 68th anniversary

Lucille and Marv Lemke in 1943

Marv and Lucille Lemke, of Issaquah, celebrated their 68th anniversary Sept. 2.

Marv and Lucille both grew up on dairy farms near Milwaukee, Wis., and met at a friend’s wedding reception dance. Marv, smitten by Lucille Lueder, asked if he could drive her home, but she refused. Through a friend, Marv found out where Lucille lived and drove by her family farm the next day, finding her standing at the well pump. He asked her for a Saturday night date, she accepted and they continued seeing each other every Saturday night for the next year.

They married in Thiensville, Wis., on Sept 2,1943.

Marv served in the U.S. Navy during World War II and set foot in Japan on Sept. 2,1945, right after the USS Missouri battleship was in Tokyo Bay for Japan’s signing of the official instrument of surrender.

After his discharge from the Navy in 1945, Marv worked at the Washington State Employment Office, in Seattle, and helped reactivate the Washington National Guard, which was demobilized at the end of the war. He rejoined the Navy in 1948 and worked at Sand Point Naval Air Station until he was transferred in 1966 to the U.S. Navy Reserve Fleet in

Marv and Lucille Lemke in 2011

Bremerton, where he worked for 10 years.

Marv then worked at the Safeway Beverage Plant, in Bellevue, until his retirement 14 years later.

Marv and Lucille have always been very active in the Lutheran church, both serving in many leadership roles. Over the years, they, along with their son Paul, traveled to every state, camping in all of them with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii. They have lived at Providence Point for 26 years.

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Tom and Sally Montgomery celebrate 50 years

July 5, 2011

Tom and Sally Montgomery, of Issaquah celebrated 50 years of marriage on July 1, 2011.

Sally and Tom Montgomery in 2011

Sally grew up in Metaline Falls. Tom, originally from Minnesota, moved to Spokane during his childhood. The two met at North Central High School in Spokane but didn’t date until after high school. They were married in Spokane on July 1, 1961.

Tom and Sally then moved to Issaquah. Tom, an aeronautical engineer, worked for The Boeing Co. and Sally, a trained physical therapist, worked for the Issaquah School District after the couple’s four children were grown. Their children are Paul Montgomery, of Bellevue, Ann Doherty, of West Seattle, Susan Montgomery, of Seattle, and Clark Montgomery, of Billings, Mont. They also have nine grandchildren who keep them busy.

Tom and Sally celebrated their anniversary in Chelan with their entire immediately family.


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Richard and Gloria James celebrate 50th anniversary

June 7, 2011

Richard and Gloria James celebrated their 50th anniversary with their daughter Susan and granddaughter Jessica during the June 4 weekend in Cannon Beach, Ore..

Gloria and Richard James in 1961

Richard L. James and Gloria M. Troxel, both from the same hometown of Sargent, Neb., began dating at Nebraska University at Kearney, Neb., in 1960. They were married June 4, 1961, in Sargent.

Both are graduates of Sargent High School. Parents of the couple were David and Janice James, and John and Georgia Troxel, of Sargent.

For the past 35 years, the couple has lived in Issaquah and have one daughter, Susan, and one granddaughter, Jessica.

Richard was employed by Western/Delta Airlines; Gloria was employed by the Issaquah Post Office.

This fall, they are planning a 30-day cruise to Tahiti from Seattle.

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Greens celebrate 50th anniversary

January 25, 2011

Jim and Kathleen Green

Jim and Kathleen Green, of Klahanie, celebrated their 50th anniversary Jan. 21, 2011, with their four children Laura, Mike, Mary Lou and Joanne.

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Wagners celebrate 50th anniversary

March 9, 2010

VonEmma and Rueben Wagner in 1960

Wagners celebrate 50th anniversary

Rueben and VonEmma Wagner celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on March 6, 2010, in Kauai, Hawaii. Read more

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