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July 27, 2010

Anderson, Willard should move forward

Voters in the 5th Legislative District — primarily those in Issaquah, Sammamish and Maple Valley areas — face two solid choices in the upcoming contest for a state representative. Mail-back ballots for the Aug. 17 primary election will reach voters this week.

In Glenn Anderson, voters have a seasoned representative who has learned to navigate the Capitol corridors as a member of the oft-marginalized Republican Party. Democrat Dean Willard presents a chance for a fresh perspective.

Willard presents the most credible challenge Anderson has faced in years. With his background in the Eastside technology industry, he has a good grasp of the concerns facing owners of local businesses, small and large alike.

Like his GOP opponent, Willard has also highlighted the importance of education in the campaign, certainly a critical topic in the 5th District. Willard pledges to strengthen the school system to make local students more competitive in a tough global workforce. Anderson has long been an advocate for education funding reform.

In campaign material, both Anderson and Willard say the race hinges on the economy. We look forward to a spirited debate in the months ahead about the role the Legislature should play in jumpstarting the stalled economy.

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Press Editorial

January 26, 2010

School levies deserve your attention, your vote

If your Feb. 9 election ballot is still sitting in a pile of unopened mail, dig it out and mail it in. The No. 1 concern with passing the levies is getting enough voters to care. If you have kids or grandkids in school or soon to be in school, you probably do care. If you don’t, then care anyway — because the kids in the neighborhood today don’t deserve any less of an education just because the economy is in turmoil. Read more

Press Editorial

October 27, 2009

Dow Constantine for King County executive

The outcome of the race for King County executive will have a significant effect on our urban cities and surrounding unincorporated areas, which makes the choice a critical one. We’ve seen what happens when the leadership is misdirected and we’re looking forward to change.

Dow Constantine is our preferred choice. Read more

Press Editorial

October 20, 2009

Our recommendations in local elections

City Council

Issaquah voters didn’t fare too well this year, getting candidate choices for only two of its four open City Council positions. But the quality of the four candidates running for positions 5 and 7 are excellent. The candidates have generated a vigorous debate about the issues and all merit your consideration. Read more

Press Editorial

August 4, 2009

Fred Jarrett is best choice for county exec

The King County primary ballots arrived last week in the mailboxes of registered voters, but there is admittedly little of keen interest to Issaquah residents. But look a little further. The decision for King County executive makes the ballot worth paying attention to. Caution: Don’t just vote for the most recognizable name, unless you’ve done your homework. Read more

Press Editorial

October 28, 2008

5th District incumbents deserve re-election

We believe voters should return all three 5th District legislative incumbents to Olympia as our representatives for another term. These three represent the last bastion of Republicanism on the Eastside, making it difficult for them to pass legislation in a Democratically controlled House and Senate, yet they have never stopped carrying the message of their constituents to the capitol. Read more

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