To the Editor — week of Feb. 4, 2015

February 3, 2015


Do something about Skyline students crossing street

My husband and I have become increasingly concerned for Skyline High School’s student safety for those students using Sammamish Hills Lutheran Church’s parking lot during school hours.

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To the Editor

January 27, 2015

Lend a helping hand at home

We see a lot of advertisements on TV showing how desperate children in developing countries are. They are dying because of hunger. We feel very sorry for those children.  People say that we have to help those suffering children and their families.

People say that Mother Teresa was an amazing person. People really admire her and they say that we can’t be like her.

Yes, we can. We can help those people in our own neighborhood. They are not only in developing areas around the world. They are everywhere in our society.

We are currently helping the winter shelters on the eastside in Bellevue. It is heartbreaking to see children that are hungry. When we served food on our last visit to the winter shelter, they said, “I am so hungry.” However, they were polite and well behaved. They were waiting patiently to eat. Read more

To the Editor

January 20, 2015

More people donated to Merry Christmas Issaquah than ever

Issaquah Community Services volunteers would like to extend a heartfelt thank you and sincere gratitude to the numerous donors who have made it possible, through the Merry Christmas Issaquah fund, to support those in our community who have fallen on hard times.

Our volunteers have the humbling privilege of administering donated funds to those in need. With more than $80,000 raised, we can continue to provide emergency assistance to the families and individuals that live in the Issaquah School District that cannot meet their basic needs from month to month. Having a roof over one’s head, running water, lights and a warm home can now be possible for almost 500 families.

We especially would like to recognize the hard-working team at The Issaquah Press, as they have been a major supporter of this service to our community since 1981. In total, they have helped us raise more than $1 million since 1981. Read more

To the Editor

January 13, 2015


Use no-cost changes to improve the situation immediately

It’s welcome news that the Issaquah City Council and mayor have developed a plan to address some of the traffic issues plaguing the city. However, any serious plan has to include full cloverleaf freeway interchanges (or similar) for the Front Street and state Route 900 exits off Interstate 90, which would liberate thousands of cars daily trying to enter, exit or cross the freeway.

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To the Editor

January 6, 2015


Build a good plan; find reliable, equitable funding source

I am in agreement with The Issaquah Press that I would hope a helpful plan for traffic would result if we are going to spend a large amount of money for this project. In addition, councilman Joshua Schaer’s concern about the reliability of grant money is a legitimate concern.

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To the Editor — Special thanks to our many letter writers in 2014

December 31, 2014

We’d like to take a moment to salute those people who took the time to write a letter to the editor in 2014.

Their written voice provokes, challenges, encourages and thereby builds a stronger community for us all.

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To the Editor

December 23, 2014


The true spirit of the holiday is love

I’m a Hallmark Christmas movie fanatic. There’s nothing better after a long work week than coming home, curling up with a cup of hot chocolate and watching a movie about love and sacrifice. Last weekend, I felt as if I was in one of those movies.

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To the Editor

December 3, 2014

State park

If our money goes there, we should get free access

Well, folks, the Issaquah City Council said that no taxpayer funds would be given to Lake Sammamish State Park items. So much for that hokey council promise.

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To the Editor — week of Nov. 26

November 25, 2014

Meals program

Rule change needed public transparency

On Nov. 18, The Issaquah Press carried an article by Tom Corrigan, about a new sign outside the Issaquah Community Hall, prohibiting outdoor eating of meals served in the hall. As a private citizen, I write this letter in support of Washington’s Open Public Meetings Act.

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To the Editor

November 11, 2014


Passing more gun laws will not eliminate guns

The Oct. 29 press had a terrific column, by the managing editor, addressing guns.

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