Rapid Response

April 27, 2010

How do you think the central area plan will affect the city in years to come?

It will surely contribute to the city’s growth (and it is debatable whether or not that is desirable). If it is done properly, with low-rise buildings and serious concern for aesthetics, it can be a real plus. Otherwise, we just become another Bellevue, heaven help us.
Barbara Extract, Issaquah Read more

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Rapid Response

April 13, 2010

What retail business or restaurant would you most like to see open in Issaquah? Read more

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Rapid Response

March 23, 2010

How do you think new retail developments, like Sports Authority and Best Buy, will affect the city?

Citizens will benefit in having to make fewer shopping trips outside the city.

Mark Bowers, Issaquah Read more

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Rapid Response

February 23, 2010

What benefits and problems do you see regarding the coming Swedish Medical Center campus? Read more

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Rapid Response

January 12, 2010

What suggestions do you have for the Central Issaquah Plan Advisory Task Force as it guides redevelopment in the 915 acres that include Gilman Village, Costco area and the retail corridor along East Lake Sammamish Parkway? Read more

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Rapid Response

October 27, 2009

What effect, if any, do endorsement of civic groups, elected officials, newspapers, etc. have on your vote for a candidate?

For positions such as port commissioners or judges, where I don’t know the job or the candidate, endorsements are part of my process in choosing one candidate over another. The voter’s handbook is another resource.

Jim Harris, Issaquah Read more

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Rapid Response

October 6, 2009

What steps should the city take to reduce expenses in 2010?

Reduce the number of streetlights in use or other lights paid for by the city. Other cities are doing this and saving significant funds while also reducing the night glare.

Ken Konigsmark, Issaquah

Pay cuts to government employees. It’s better than losing your job altogether and it keeps city services going. I have worked for a private company in the past that offered reduced pay over layoffs. It worked well and as soon as the economy had recovered, all went back to normal.

Geoff Carson, Issaquah

Government at all levels in America is run by the staff and for the staff in order to accomplish goals, which cause the staff to grow in terms of headcount and budget. It is the same definition of success as in private industry. If you want to reign in costs, you must trim the size of staff and put effective oversight in place to control spending. In Issaquah, city staff only grows, spends more and imposes more fees (fees = taxes).

Hank Thomas, Issaquah

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Rapid response

September 29, 2009

What are your feelings about the number of unopposed races in city elections?
Apparently those unopposed have not done anything to cause someone to come forward who would do it differently.

Ken Sessler, Issaquah

I think it’s a shame that as city voters we don’t have any choice with some positions. With the large population that we have, you would think that more folks would have wanted to get involved in their local government.

Michele Forkner, Issaquah

I’ve not seen much publicity to increase awareness about the ability to run in a city election. Make it simple and easily accessible and more will run. Granted, if someone had a burning desire to serve, they would make a point of finding out how. But it might spark more people’s interest if the opportunity to run were marketed well.

Monica Drakes, Issaquah

Problem that mayor runs unopposed. No one thought that they could beat Ava (Frisinger), so now she doesn’t have to ponder her “shortfailings.” Not good.

Connie Marsh, Issaquah

It is sad there are not more people with the desire and time for public service. However, an election is necessary even in the unopposed races to allow every voting citizen the right to choose, which would include the choice of a write-in.

Nancy Ward, Issaquah

Sad that we do not have more new young participants.

Matthew Balkman, Issaquah

I think it is bad. If I lived in the city limits I would consider running against any unopposed candidate.

Jim Harris, Issaquah

It is demonstrative of how impactful our citizens strive to be in making our town better.

Bryan Weinstein, Issaquah

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Rapid Response

September 22, 2009

What’s one creative way to make sure more people have access to health care?

Enforce our citizenship laws. The taxpayers are supplying health care to illegal aliens. This means they are not citizens of this country and should not be treated with the privileges that citizens are; they should not be given access to health care. Use the money to deport them. Read more

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Rapid Response

September 15, 2009

What do you think about the city having a dog park?

Currently, I have no dog but I think a dog-only park is a waste of resources.

Jim Harris, Issaquah

I think it is long overdue! The ideal location for this and future generations of dog lovers to enjoy it is a fenced-in section of west Lake Sammamish State Park, where people and their dogs can congregate, monitor and get exercise together. I also envision a small roped-off section in the water where families can watch their dogs cool off in warmer months. A nominal $25 – $50 yearly fee or donation could be used to self-sustain this area and proceeds could be shared with the city, park and dog club organization similar to Marymoor Dog Park’s Save Our Dog Area.

John Sheridan, Issaquah Read more

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