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June 19, 2013

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Local students to graduate from ACT program

June 11, 2013

Nine students are set to graduate next week from the Academy for Community Transition, an Issaquah School District program for children with developmental disabilities.

The Celebration of Passage graduation ceremony is at 7 p.m. June 17 at the district administration building, 565 N.W. Holly St., Issaquah. Community members are invited to attend the event.

The ACT program is designed to help developmentally disabled students achieve independent lives by focusing on social, economic and self-esteem issues.



Skyline student accepted into scholars program

June 11, 2013

Kevin Liu, a student at Skyline High School, was one of 160 students statewide accepted into the Washington Aerospace Scholars’ summer residency program.

The residency program will be held in June and July at the Museum of Flight in Seattle. Students qualified for the program through a five-month distance-learning program. The 160-student pool was chosen from 283 applicants.

Washington Aerospace Scholars is a program designed to inspire students to pursue careers in science, technology, math and engineering.


Eagles music program works, plays as a family

May 28, 2013

Participation in band, orchestra or choir doesn’t just mean practicing your instrument or working on your piece in class each day — it is also an after-school commitment.

Issaquah High School’s spirited band, directed by Patrick Holen, fired up fans and cheered on the football team at nearly every game this year. The band marched and played in the annual Salmon Days parade. In winter, there were basketball games, the Solo and Ensemble contest, concerts and “Swingin’ in Vienna.”

Sophie Mittelstaedt Issaquah High School

Sophie Mittelstaedt
Issaquah High School

In addition, the Greenwood Orchestra and the Evergreen Philharmonic Orchestra, both directed by Doug Longman, have become trademarks through the various concerts they perform each year. The choir, directed by Barbara Irish, is also a much-enjoyed and respected program. Each year, they perform in assemblies, musicals, the Candlelight Concert, the Choir Bash, the Solo and Ensemble contest, and deliver Sing-a-grams.

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Students choose many classes for creativity

May 28, 2013

Art students at Issaquah High School express their creativity on a daily basis.

With a wide array of art classes, including “Studio Graphic Arts,” “Ceramics,” “Photography,” “Visual Art,” “Advanced Art” and, starting next year, “AP Studio Art,” students have many opportunities to engage creative outlets.

Madeline Wells Issaquah High School

Madeline Wells
Issaquah High School

Photography classes utilize technology with digital cameras and editing, as well as darkroom techniques with film. Visual art focuses on various forms of painting and drawing, and ceramics involves learning the clay-working process and design and glaze techniques.

Sophomore Hannah Balducci, a student who takes photography, filmmaking, drawing, printmaking and painting, enjoys taking advanced photography at IHS. She also plans to take “AP Studio Art” next year, and said she is looking forward to a challenge.

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Drama programs teach practical skills

May 28, 2013

Fine arts credits make up merely 3.5 percent of the total required credits to graduate at Liberty High School and 4.5 percent at Issaquah and Skyline high schools.

While algebraic ability and an understanding of American government are certainly invaluable, skills gleaned from involvement in the arts, particularly drama classes and productions, are equally applicable to the world outside high school.

Veronica Austin Liberty High School

Veronica Austin
Liberty High School

“I would like to see the arts integrated more into the core curriculum,” Liberty drama teacher and director Katherine Klekas said. “When I taught for a couple of years in Germany, I noticed that every student was automatically signed up for music and art classes… They weren’t ‘electives.’ The ability to read music and sketch things were considered part of a basic education.”

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Teen Talk

May 28, 2013

What symptoms of spring fever do you have?

Eastside Catholic High School

“I guess it’s more a symptom of senioritis, but I really hate being in school when the weather is so nice out! I have no motivation to do homework or study for tests when I know I could be out enjoying the sun.”

Katie Martin, senior 


“Literally or figuratively? Because I have really, really bad allergies in the spring. On a serious level, I’m just itching to get out of school and enjoy my last summer before I go off to college.”

Madison Blackburn, senior 

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The surprising benefits of senioritis

May 28, 2013

Every year, second semester seniors bond over, well, not doing anything at all. The feeling of anticipation to get to college and the lack of motivation to do any work when one reaches the home stretch of one’s high school career has been given the moniker “senioritis,” a “disease” that is both contagious and deadly.

Usually, a student catches senioritis after committing to college. With the future secure and bright and the school workload finally lessening after four years of long, hard work, students begin taking early summer vacations. Among my peers, I have already seen the symptoms blow up into full-fledged attacks on the immune system: students skipping class, students sleeping in class, students skipping school altogether. Thankfully, I myself have not fallen victim to the disease.

Lee Xie Skyline High School

Lee Xie
Skyline High School

In fact, it seems as if senioritis has made senior year the least stressful and most well-rested period of time in all my years of high school. I’ve discovered that the seemingly crippling infection brings a few beneficial side effects.

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Community donates $30,000 to local schools

May 28, 2013

The Issaquah School Board approved nearly $30,000 worth of donations to the district during its May 8 regular meeting.

The bulk of the money, $19,135, came from the Issaquah Schools Foundation to support students in the district with robotics in the classroom. The foundation also donated another $5,245 to provide supplement funding for portable technology throughout the schools.

Students at Newcastle Elementary School got an extra boost from their PTSA, which donated $5,556 to offset the costs of fifth-grade environment camp.



Luncheon benefits schools

May 28, 2013

Issaquah Schools Foundation raised more than $680,000 from this year’s annual Nourish Every Mind Benefit Luncheon.

More than 1,200 people attended the luncheon, according to an update on the foundation’s website.

The money will directly benefit students in all Issaquah schools. Get a visual tour of some of the projects that the Issaquah Schools Foundation supports at http://issaquahschoolsfoundation.org.

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