The 2014 Winter Olympics weren’t perfect, but they were great

February 25, 2014

NEW — 10:55 a.m. Feb. 25, 2014

#SochiProblems. That was how the 2014 Winter Olympics started, with Western bloggers griping about the lack of hospitality in Sochi, Russia.

Of course, complaining wasn’t enough; the bloggers rushed to Twitter, giving birth to the now-trending hashtag, #SochiProblems. Pictures of “peach juice,” multiple toilets in a bathroom stall and light bulbs as door handles popped up on the Internet, all amusing and lighthearted…at the time.

Noela Lu  Skyline High School

Noela Lu
Skyline High School

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Sammamish downhill skier races in Whistler

March 2, 2010

Yina Moe-Lange looks toward 2014 Olympics

WHISTLER, British Columbia

Sammamish skier Yina Moe-Lange rests after completing the second race in the ladies’ giant slalom at the Whistler Creekside venue. By Andrea Collins

The cold rush of snow, blazing fast speeds and butterflies marked 16-year-old Yina Moe-Lange’s Olympic debut.

Moe-Lange, a Sammamish resident skiing for Denmark, put the pedal to the metal the second day of competition, shaving her time dramatically to place 47th out of 60 competitors in the second run of the ladies’ giant slalom Feb. 25.

“I was super nervous yesterday,” she said of the first race, held Feb. 24. “Everything was so different. There were more people there that wouldn’t normally be there at a race. The thought of knowing that was tough.

“I got the first start out of the way and skied today more like I’ve skied every other race in every other course.”

By the second day of competition, the butterflies floated away and what was left, for one of the youngest competitors in the games, was sheer athletic ability. Read more

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A view from Vancouver

February 16, 2010

Sammamish skier chases dream downhill to the Olympics

Yina Moe-Lange marches alongside fellow Danish athletes during the Winter Olympics opening ceremony Feb. 12 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Photo contributed

The dream stretched back to childhood, when Yina Moe-Lange strapped on a pair of skis and took to the slopes. Through the years and countless downhill runs, she honed her skill with a singular goal in mind: competing in the Winter Olympics.

Moe-Lange, 16, assumed she might be too young to compete when the Olympics opened in Vancouver, British Columbia, and skiers competed in alpine events about four hours from Sammamish, where she and her family moved in 2005.

The premier skiers — like, say, Lindsey Vonn — reach peak ability in their 20s, so Moe-Lange trained with the 2014 Winter Olympics in mind. About a month ago, however, she received word from Denmark: Moe-Lange, a Danish citizen, had been selected to compete in the games, then just a few weeks distant.

The dream to compete in the Winter Olympics turned to reality ahead of schedule.

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