Cast prepares to play mismatched roommates in ‘The Odd Couple’

January 10, 2012

Chris Ensweiler (left, as Felix Unger) and Charles Leggett (as Oscar Madison) act a scene from the Village Theatre production of ‘The Odd Couple.’ By John Pai/Village Theatre

The journey to portray fastidious Felix Unger and untidy Oscar Madison in Village Theatre’s “The Odd Couple” suited the actors in the lead roles.

Charles Leggett, as Oscar in the classic Neil Simon play, is the more rumpled half. Chris Ensweiler is more comfortable as the neatnik Felix.

“I’m no neat freak — I can tell you that,” Leggett said in the Village Theatre lobby about a month before “The Odd Couple” opened.

Ensweiler, meanwhile, readied to portray Oscar’s mismatched roommate.

“I’m very fastidious and organized,” Ensweiler said. “CDs are alphabetized. Clothes are arranged according to color. I certainly respond very well to that.”

“The Odd Couple” opens to audiences at the downtown Issaquah playhouse Jan. 18.

Village Theatre presents a single play each season. “The Odd Couple” falls into the 2011-12 season lineup after the Wild West spectacle “Annie Get Your Gun” and before the original musical “It Shoulda Been You.”

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‘42nd Street’ dancers answer your questions

June 29, 2010

During closing week of “42nd Street,” Village Theatre cast members will host question-and-answer sessions for audiences after each performance June 30 – July 3, the theater’s Dance Education Week.

The theater is hosting the week hoping to get children and their families in to watch the performance and learn about the artistic journey of Village Theatre’s professional dancers.

Each actor hosting the post-show sessions has taught dance and will be able directly answer questions for audience members. Find a list of actors moderating each session here.

Tickets, for anyone 21 years and younger and enrolled in a dance program, are up to 50 percent off, or between $11.50 and $29.50 per ticket. Admission is regularly priced — between $19 and $59 — for anyone older than 21.

Performances are held at Francis J. Gaudette Theatre, 303 Front St. N. Showtimes are at 2 and 8 p.m. Call 392-2202 or go to

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Village Theatre presents tap spectacular ‘42nd Street’

May 18, 2010

There might be no better way to close out a theater season than with “42nd Street,” especially when you do it incredibly well.

And well in this instance means with unbelievable choreography, amazing costumes and super-talented dancers, as well as great voices that really soar and blend stunningly during group numbers.

Village Theatre continues to amaze audiences with quality performances that rival any “big” theater. Maybe its nickname should be “the little theater that could.”

Mercer Island resident Don Clark said “42nd Street” is one of his favorite plays, so much so that he has even seen it on Broadway.

“I couldn’t tell any difference,” he said when asked how the local version compared. “They were that good.” Read more

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Village Theatre’s ‘42nd Street’ seeks to dazzle audiences

May 4, 2010

Get ready for a tap dancing good time as your favorite Broadway tunes come to life with exciting new choreography in the show-stopping, backstage tale of “42nd Street.”

The show debuts May 13 on Village’s Mainstage and closes out a year of celebrating the historic theater’s 30 years in Issaquah.

Pulling out all the stops, the show boasts a large cast of 26 that celebrates local actors and designers, like Bob Dahlstrom, who did the scenic design for “Show Boat,” and costumer Melanie Burgess, who created designs for “Chasing Nicolette” and “Stunt Girl.”

Audiences will follow the story of star-struck Peggy Sawyer, a fresh-from-the-farm Pennsylvanian, as she receives her first big break in New York after the star of her show is injured during a rehearsal. Her dreams unfold, surpassing even her wildest, as audiences enjoy their favorite Broadway musical tunes, like “We’re in the Money,” “Shuffle Off to Buffalo,” and “Lullaby of Broadway.”

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Program makes theater membership affordable

May 19, 2009

As a young professional, it can be hard to savor the finer things in life when your budget is a shoestring, but Village Theatre can help you combat the lack of art in your life with a sweet deal. Read more

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Village Theatre announces its 30th anniversary season

April 13, 2009

Village Theatre announced its 2009-10 Mainstage schedule, its 30th anniversary season. It boasts a collection of shows never before produced for the Village Theatre Mainstage.

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