Letter to the Editor — School start times are too early

October 1, 2015

NEW — 2:43 p.m. Oct. 1, 2015

I am a sophomore at Liberty High School. I feel that the secondary school start times are way too early for students. Myself as well as many other students and teachers see affects of these early start times on a daily basis, especially lack of sleep.

Many students including myself take Advanced Placement courses and other advanced classes that include lots of outside homework time. Since students often have other activities like sports and clubs, they often stay up at night working on homework and then have to leave ridiculously early in the morning to get to school.

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Schools won’t revise homework policies

February 4, 2014

After an 18-month process that included many discussions with parents, teachers and students, the Issaquah School District has decided not to make any changes to existing policies and procedures about homework.

Superintendent Ron Thiele announced the decision at the Issaquah School Board’s Jan. 29 meeting. While no changes are coming, Thiele said the process sparked an important discussion throughout the district, and administrators reserve the right to make changes when they are deemed necessary.

Thiele also admitted the decision may not satisfy everyone.

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