State launches program to help parents keep teen drivers safe

September 30, 2015

NEW — 5:03 p.m. Sept. 30, 2015

The Washington State Department of Licensing has partnered with the Safe Roads Alliance and State Farm Insurance to launch a new program that provides parents and guardians with a simple, easy-to-follow plan designed to help teens develop safe driving habits.

The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program guide is packed with information and lessons about driving basics, parental pointers and licensing qualifications that are helpful to parents of new drivers.

Car crashes are a leading cause of death among teens in Washington. Between 2009 and 2013, 179 teens ages 15-19 died in car crashes. Of those teen deaths, 102 were drivers and the rest were passengers. The death rate for passengers and drivers in cars is 10 times greater for teens (ages 15-19) than younger children (5.1 deaths per 100,000 people compared to 0.5 deaths per 100,000 people, respectively). Read more

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Reports say underage alcohol and marijuana use are local problems

August 14, 2015

NEW — 6 a.m. Aug. 14, 2015

In November, about 50 community leaders gathered in the YMCA Village Community Room in the Issaquah Highlands.

Several topics were mentioned but the one most seemed to think is on the rise in the Issaquah area and the Eastside is drug abuse, particularly marijuana and heroin.

Speaking at the November meeting, Mayor Fred Butler referred to the interrelated problems of what he called “DHM,” which stands for “drugs, homelessness and mental illness.” He added he probably has spent more time on those issues than any others.

“It touches on everything,” Butler said. “We are committed to trying to make a difference.” Read more

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Editorial — Raise smoking age to 21 to save lives

March 31, 2015

Tobacco addiction is the leading cause of preventable deaths in Washington, causing about 8,300 residents to die each year. Annual health costs now surpass $2.8 billion.

The best way to combat this crisis is to raise the legal smoking age to 21, as the Washington State Legislature is considering with SHB 1458. Attorney General Bob Ferguson requested the bill, and science supports his efforts.

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A foundation to a clean lifestyle

March 25, 2015

Peer pressure to experiment with drugs and alcohol regularly plague teenagers in today’s society.

Zoe Buchli Issaquah High School

Zoe Buchli
Issaquah High School

The two main factors that can galvanize a clean lifestyle are whom you choose to spend time with, and what sorts of positions you put yourself in.

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Teen Talk: How has substance abuse affected your school or community?

April 22, 2014

Liberty High School

Alina Nguyen, senior

“It has caused many people I know in my community to grow distant from relationships and hide from their responsibilities or problems.”
Christine Dao, junior

“I’ve witnessed families being torn down due to it.”

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Let’s Talk About It: Healthy Youth Survey shows increase in substance abuse

April 22, 2014

The prevalence of substance abuse among teenagers is skyrocketing, as more youths are being challenged by emotional, mental and social difficulties.

In October 2012, the Issaquah School District conducted its fifth biennial Healthy Youth Survey among Issaquah sixth-, eighth-, 10th-, and 12th-graders. The anonymous survey asked about students’ physical activity and nutrition, drug abuse, emotional health and other “risky behaviors.” Questions regarding substance abuse made up more than half of the survey.

Noela Lu  Skyline High School

Noela Lu
Skyline High School

Today’s high school students experience laborious amounts of homework, time-consuming extracurricular activities and elevated parental expectations. As teenagers begin entering high school, some resort to substance abuse to cope with the additional stress and responsibility they didn’t face in middle school.

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