Student athletes and the consequences of drugs

March 25, 2015

Among student athletes, the pressure to do drugs, both recreational and performance-enhancing, may seem to run high.

Marissa Secreto Eastside Catholic         High School

Marissa Secreto
Eastside Catholic
High School

However, the opposite is actually true. The pressure not to take part in drug use, due to strong punishments and repercussions, keeps athletes clean and less liable to the harmful effects of drugs.

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Off The Press — Hey, big government, keep your mitts off my barbecue

March 25, 2015

I’m a live-and-let-live kinda guy. As long as what you do doesn’t bother what I do, I usually don’t have a problem with it, legal issues aside.

David Hayes Press reporter

David Hayes
Press reporter

Well, now I might have a beef with the Environmental Protection Agency. It seems the EPA is encroaching on my territory, specifically, my backyard.

That’s where I keep my barbecue grill.

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Editorial – Don’t drink this prom season

May 13, 2014

Prom season is upon us. All across America, high school seniors are finding new and creative ways to ask each other to the big dance, girls are searching for the perfect dress and at least one boy is determined to be that guy wearing the white tux with tails and a top hat. (Special private note to him: You don’t actually want to be that guy.)

While parents are watching this unfold — and “Sunrise, Sunset” plays somewhere in their minds — they must remember how important it is that they continue the work they’ve done to keep their children safe.

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Speaker gives useful drug abuse speech

April 22, 2014

While Issaquah High School sophomores were slogging through HSPE testing and upperclassmen were enjoying a few more hours of sleep last month, freshmen had an array of morning activities throughout one week.

While many initially groaned about the activities, some of the speakers that they got to listen to had an influential message to impart.

Madeline Wells Issaquah High School

Madeline Wells
Issaquah High School

One of the speakers, Jerry Blackburn, is a faculty member in the Addiction Studies Program at Bellevue College. Blackburn is a teacher, community educator, and health and wellness consultant. His presentation focused on the damaging effects of substance abuse.

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