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December 24, 2013


‘Beyonce’ — Beyonce

Salma Mahmoud Skyline   High School

Salma Mahmoud
Skyline High School

Many Facebook users were surprised on Friday the 13th with a notification announcing the release of Beyoncé’s fifth studio album. Hailed by many as “the year’s most brilliant release,” the album contains 14 brand-new songs and includes collaborations with Drake, Frank Ocean, and, of course, her husband Jay-Z. By not promoting her album at all — no pre-release singles or teaser videos on YouTube — Beyoncé made its release a true surprise for fans worldwide. The album quickly shot to No. 1 on iTunes within a few hours. As always, this is Beyoncé’s world, and we are just living in it.

BeatList BrokenStarBook 20 copy


‘These Broken Stars,’ by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner

Think “outer space Titanic.” This science fiction novel deals with the timeless love story of Lilac LeRoux, daughter of the most powerful man in the entire galaxy, and Tarver Merendsen, an army-enlisted son of a teacher and a poet. One night, the massive luxury spaceliner called The Icarus crashes, leaving the two teens to fend for themselves. With few resources and little information about their whereabouts, the pair makes a desperate trek to find other survivors and send for rescue.

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