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July 29, 2015

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Vote to re-elect Paul Winterstein to Issaquah City Council

My vote will be cast to retain Paul Winterstein for Issaquah City Council. Paul has served the city of Issaquah well as council president. He is devoted to retaining the small-town charm we Issaquah residents love and many of us moved here for. That’s why Sunset Magazine voted us “Best Burb.”

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Issaquah voted Best ’burb

February 21, 2014

When Sunset magazine went looking for the perfect place to launch a career, start a family or provide the most relaxing setting, it hit upon Issaquah as its top choice.

In the magazine’s recently penned 24 Best Places to Live and Work 2014 article, Issaquah won Best ’burb. The writers found the city defied suburban life stereotypes thanks to 1,700 acres of parkland, walkable neighborhoods, historic buildings and such urban amenities as indie coffee shops, wine bars and a Tony Award-winning theater in Village Theatre.

Even with a population of 32,633, Sunset magazine said locals told them Issaquah feels like a small town — or a vibrant city neighborhood.

 The writers were impressed the former coal-mining town 22 miles southeast of Seattle managed to hold onto its distinctive character while growing exponentially. Rather than succumbing to typical suburban sprawl, town leaders decided to go urban, green-lighting the construction of compact, sustainably built communities on the east side of town.

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