Issaquah Police Department targets holiday shopping grinches

November 22, 2011

NEW — 9:40 a.m. Nov. 22, 2011

Black Friday means bargains galore for shoppers — and tempting targets for thieves.

Issaquah police officers plan to head out in patrol cruisers and on foot Friday and throughout the holiday season to search for prowlers and remind shoppers not to leave valuables out in the open.

“During the holidays, parking lots can be very enticing to prowlers looking for quick and easy targets,” Police Chief Paul Ayers said. “We’re hoping these extra patrols will remind our shoppers to protect their property.”

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Use caution, commonsense to hire Black Friday plumber

November 26, 2010

NEW — 6 a.m. Nov. 26, 2010

The day after Thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year for plumbers.

Black Friday is best known for door-buster sales and the busiest day of the year for retailers. But Thanksgiving excess — think grease and food down the drain, plus houseguests — puts a strain on household plumbing.

For Washington residents in need of a Black Friday plumber, the state Department of Labor & Industries advises people to choose carefully.

“Not all plumbers are created equal,” Bruce Springer, technical specialist of plumber certification at L&I, said in a statement. “Professional plumbers have specialized training and certification from the state.”

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Off the Press

November 23, 2010

Keep peace, patience this holiday weekend

Tim Pfarr Press reporter

Choo choo! The Polar Express is on its way.

That’s right, we’re on our way to another holiday season filled with gratuitous joy, massive family gatherings and sweaters strung with blinking lights. And there isn’t a single thing you can do to stop it.

Terrifying? Absolutely. Fun? Always.

And it officially starts this weekend, with Thanksgiving and Black Friday — perhaps two of the most lively and simultaneously horrifying days of the entire year.

Obviously, Thanksgiving is about the food, and recording the amount you eat in pounds instead of servings. Fun? You bet. Each year, I look forward to bursting through my pants like The Incredible Hulk in the presence of my extended family. Read more

Off the Press

August 4, 2009

All this talk of weather has me hot under the collar

Adam Eschbach Press Intern

Adam Eschbach Press Intern

What a year of weather we’ve had so far. Record snow, record rain and now we have record heat.

It’s official; we are obsessed with records no matter how miserable things have to get to reach them. And I understand the obsession completely. If we have nothing to show for it, what’s the point of being inconvenienced with weeks of snow, flooded streets and homes, and now, temperatures that make your blood boil. Is it not enough that glaciers are melting but we have to as well?

But hey, this heat I’m spewing is because I’m a local. I like it here, not just because of the great schools, beautiful scenery and a local economy that’s in better condition than most of the country and has yet to collapse, with the major exception of WAMU, but also because our weather rarely surprises me. Read more

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