Off The Press — Air travel is for the birds

May 5, 2015

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do, and I’m surely not alone in feeling this way, but going away to a foreign city or a secluded beach resort would be a lot more enjoyable if it weren’t for those pesky airports.

Neil Pierson Press reporter

Neil Pierson
Press reporter

Unfortunately, we haven’t invented a more efficient mode of transportation, like those rocket ships sci-fi master Robert Heinlein envisioned. And even if we had, they would certainly fall under the governance of everyone’s favorite bureaucracy — the Transportation Security Administration.

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Off The Press — Decompression tips for distraught 12s

February 3, 2015

After the James Cameron movie “Titanic” became a big box office smash, one of the popular memes that soon followed was a slogan T-shirt that said “The boat sank. Get over it!”

Greg Farrar Press photographer

Greg Farrar
Press photographer

Today, as Monday gets underway here at the office the day after the Super Bowl and coworkers endlessly debate the pass play at the end, I want to climb on a desk and announce, “It’s just a football game. Get over it!”

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Off the Press

November 16, 2010

Dave Niehaus: My, oh my, what a grand voice

Bob Taylor

Call me nostalgic, but last Friday I got out the rye bread and mustard to make a salami sandwich. It was grand.

But not as grand as listening to legendary Seattle Mariners’ broadcaster Dave Niehaus for the past 34 years. The sandwich helped take away some of the sorrow I still felt for the passing of Seattle’s voice of summer.

When I heard the news of his passing last Wednesday, it was a shock. I had just picked up my son David from work. For a few minutes, neither of us spoke as we listened to radio reports that Niehaus, 75, had died at his home.

I thought Niehaus would be in the Seattle Mariners’ broadcast booth forever. He was the kind of person you wanted in the broadcast booth forever. Niehaus was a consummate professional, the best baseball announcer I’ve ever heard — and I’ve heard a few in my time.

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Liberty grad Tim Lincecum pitches Giants to World Series title

November 2, 2010

San Francisco Giants' Tim Lincecum carries the World Series trophy after winning baseball's World Series against the Texas Rangers Monday in Arlington, Texas. The Giants won 3-1 to capture the World Series. By David J. Phillip/AP

NEW — 11:55 a.m. Nov. 2, 2010

When Tim Lincecum came to Rangers Ballpark on Monday he was wearing a bow-tie and dressed as if headed to a party. As things turned out for the former Liberty High School baseball star, he will be doing some serious partying the rest of this week in San Francisco.

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Living the dream

February 23, 2010

Issaquah resident Rick Rizzs fulfilled his boyhood fantasy of calling major league games

Dreams do come true. Seattle Mariners broadcaster Rick Rizzs is living proof. From the time he was able to pick up a baseball bat and throw a baseball, Rizzs dreamed of becoming a Big League announcer.

“I’m one of the most fortunate guys in the world,” the Issaquah resident said. “How many people get to do what they dreamed of as a kid?”

Rizzs grew up in Chicago and was passionate about baseball at an early age.

“I’ve always been a baseball fan,” said Rizzs, who would get together with guys in his neighborhood and play sandlot ball during the summer.

“We would play all day long,” he said.

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