Consider a seismic retrofit as earthquake insurance

April 19, 2011

Strengthening a residence through a home earthquake retrofit is as simple as ABC: anchor, brace and connect.

Most homes built in the past 30 years or so do not need a retrofit to hold steady in earthquakes, but older homes may need some foundation tune-ups. If the foundation is not secured to the rest of the structure, major damage can result from the ground shaking.

The earthquake in Japan — plus major temblors in New Zealand, Chile and Haiti in the past year — has renewed the focus on seismic safety at home.

“When the earth starts shaking sideways, the foundation moves with the earth,” Sound Seismic co-owner Leif Jackson said. “This big, massive object is not going to immediately move with the foundation. It’s going to kind of lag behind, and it’s going to lag behind when that foundation oscillates back in the opposite direction. So, the house and the foundation get out of synch, and it can get jolted off of the foundation.”

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April is opportunity to prepare for emergencies

April 11, 2011

NEW — 8 a.m. April 11, 2011

Eastside Fire & Rescue is reminding residents to plan for emergencies during April, Disaster Preparedness Month.

The magnitude-9 earthquake in Japan last month — plus major earthquakes in Chile and Haiti last year — reminds residents about the seismic risk in the Pacific Northwest.

EFR emergency planners said Disaster Preparedness Month is a good opportunity for residents to practice and learn what to do in at home, school or workplaces.

Planners said knowing what to do in emergencies, developing a family plan and making sure everyone understands the plan is critical to staying safe in a disaster.

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Church mission takes six youths to exotic locales

March 15, 2011

While some were celebrating Valentine’s Day with loved ones — trading chocolate, giving gifts and going out to dinner — six young men and women from the Issaquah area were planning to leave the country to serve local communities.

Anthony Kubeja

In February, more than a half-dozen Issaquah teenagers will leave the country, not to go on an exotic, post-graduation trip, but to serve their church for two years.

Service before studies

When it came time to decide whether to attend college, Anthony Kubeja chose to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

A standout athlete at Liberty High School, he excelled in three sports while also playing four instruments in band. As many of his peers went to college, he filed papers for a mission.

“I changed my life seven years ago, when I took upon me the name of Christ,” he said. “This is what he wants me to do, to serve others.”

Last month, Kubeja boarded a flight to Brazil, where he will remain for two years.

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Press Editorial

April 13, 2010

Earthquake drill is meant for all

Since the earthquake in Haiti, it seems like earthquakes are rattling their way around the world. Chile, Mexico, Turkey, Japan, Indonesia and, most recently, Spain and the Solomon Islands have all had big rollers. Closer to home two weeks ago was a 3.8 magnitude quake in Cle Elum, just 65 miles east of here. Read more

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Through donating, students take part in global community

March 9, 2010

Hall Monitor Eric Bice Liberty High School

These past few months have taught me something very important about the students at Liberty High School. They have taught me that despite the worst economic recession of our lifetimes, we have been able to step up and contribute our hard-earned money toward Haitian relief efforts.

Haiti was devastated by an earthquake and represents a country in dire need of our monetary support. This is important, because there is no greater need for children to give than toward Haiti, and as of recently, Chile. Read more

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