UW students offer Issaquah ways to preserve identity

February 4, 2014

As Issaquah grows, a team of University of Washington students offered tips for how it can maintain its identity.

Aubri Denevan, Carrie Shepherd, Kim Lichttenegger and Yebin Zhou, members of a “Masters in Communications in Digital Media” program, were assigned the task of offering creative leadership to an area.

“At the beginning of the quarter, we were asked to give three problems we saw,” Lichttenegger said, adding that the students had to then identify recommendations to solve them. As a six-year resident of Issaquah, she saw a real opportunity to examine recommendations for the city. “Because I live in the lowlands, I work in Seattle and I commute up to the highlands, I’ve had a daily snapshot of all the building progress.”

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$10 million Park Bond receives voter OK

November 12, 2013

Julius Boehm Pool and the city’s parks received a healthy dose of voter support Nov. 5 as the park bond passed.

Needing 60 percent of the vote to pass, initial reports from King County Elections show 77 percent of voters decided to support pool maintenance and a number of other park projects to the tune of $10 million.

“It’s amazing to see this continued support from our community,” City Communications Manager Autumn Monahan said. “Once the results are finalized, all of those projects will go through the regular process, which will involve public input.”

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