Renowned director starts new choirs in Issaquah

February 26, 2013

Choir director Dan Hegelund has performed in some lofty locales across the European continent. He’s sung at the presidential palace in Ukraine, performed in front of the Latvian government and appeared with his choir on national television in Sweden.

Contributed Members of the Common Ground Gospel choir get excited after a recent performance.

Dan Hegelund performs in Clash of the Choirs, which was televised on national television in Sweden in 2010.

Last year, though, Hegelund and his family decided to leave Sweden and move to the United States. The family could have chosen to settle anywhere in the U.S., but the Hegelunds decided, without any doubt, that Issaquah would be the place for them.

“We believe we made a good choice, and we look forward to raising our children here and becoming part of the Issaquah community,” Hegelund said in an email.

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