City Council delays Klahanie annexation vote to 2014

July 9, 2013

Should the City Council decide to put the issue of annexation to the Klahanie potential annexation area citizens, it will not happen until 2014.

During the July 1 meeting, the council passed a bill in the consent agenda that sent an official intent to annex the Klahanie PAA to the Council Land & Shore Committee for review.

Contained within the agenda bill is the administration’s recommendation for adopting the resolution and mentions a later-than-expected date for a prospective vote.

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City Council nixes Park Pointe committee as deal nears finish

January 18, 2011

City Council members decided to eliminate the committee responsible for the Park Pointe preservation deal as the council updated the way members conduct business.

The council nixed the Major Planning & Growth Committee and redistributed the responsibilities of the former group Jan. 3. The group handled agreements related to the proposed transfer of development rights between forested Park Pointe on Tiger Mountain and the Issaquah Highlands. The proposal is on track to be completed in the months ahead.

“This last year, there was an awful lot of major activity with the TDR and with the Central Issaquah Plan,” Council President John Traeger said. “This year, we’re down to the Central Issaquah Plan and it’s kind of in autopilot mode. It’s working on its own timeline now.” Read more

Park Pointe development swap raises questions

July 27, 2010

Issaquah Highlands would absorb density

Issaquah Highlands residents raised questions last week about a proposed deal to preserve Tiger Mountain land near Issaquah High School and, in turn, allow more residences to be built in the highlands.

The city and highlands developer Port Blakely Communities hosted a July 28 open house about the proposed transfer of development rights — a long-running effort to keep the forested Park Pointe site undeveloped.

The open house — hosted at Blakely Hall by highlands visionary Judd Kirk and Keith Niven, city Major Development Review Team program manager — covered familiar territory.

The transfer aims to prohibit development on about 140 forested acres — 102 acres at Park Pointe and another 43 acres adjacent to the highlands. The deal aims to allow 500 additional residences in the highlands. The city hopes to complete the swap by December.

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Plan to add electric-vehicle stations charges ahead

June 29, 2010

The city could change development rules to allow more electric-vehicle charging stations in Issaquah.

Council Land & Shore Committee members will discuss the proposed changes to the city Land Use Code on July 12. The full City Council will likely consider the electric-vehicle proposal by late summer.

Gov. Chris Gregoire signed legislation into law last year to ease development of infrastructure to accommodate electric vehicles.

The legislation mandated certain cities, including Issaquah, to allow battery-charging stations, battery-exchange stations and other electric-vehicle infrastructure. The mandate requires development rules to be amended in Issaquah and cities along Interstate 90 and other major arteries.

The city Planning Policy Commission discussed proposed code changes June 17.

City Council puts concerns aside to approve undercrossing pact

June 23, 2010

NEW — 10 a.m. June 23, 2010

Despite some grumbling from members, the City Council approved a pact Monday to help complete the Interstate 90 Undercrossing.

The city needed to secure right of way along 221st Place Southeast in order to complete paving and install a traffic signal where the road will meet Southeast 62nd Street. The council approved a development agreement with property owners Doug and Linda Ebi for the right of way.

The council initially discussed the agreement June 7, but sent the proposal to the Council Land & Shore Committee and the city River & Streams Board for additional scrutiny after residents and council members raised environmental concerns about the pact.

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City Council delays undercrossing proposal

June 15, 2010

Completing a piece of the Interstate 90 Undercrossing hinges on a pact headed to the City Council next week.

The city needs to secure right of way along 221st Place Southeast in order to complete paving and install a traffic signal where the road meets Southeast 62nd Street.

Staffers proposed a development agreement between the city and landowners Doug and Linda Ebi to acquire the right of way. The council held a public hearing on the proposed agreement June 7, but after residents and council members raised questions about the deal, sent the proposal to the city River & Streams Board and the Council Land & Shore Committee for additional scrutiny.

The measure will return to the full council for another hearing June 21.

The undercrossing should be completed in November. The phase attached to the Ebi property includes paving three lanes — but not installing curbs, gutters or sidewalks — from 221st Place Southeast to East Lake Sammamish Parkway.

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City Council will consider fee rollback for downtown businesses Tuesday

February 14, 2010

NEW — 7:49 p.m. Feb. 14, 2010

City Council members could extend a break to merchants who open businesses in downtown Issaquah.

The council will consider legislation Tuesday to exempt businesses from the city transportation impact fee for the first 10,000 square feet of floor area.

DownTown Issaquah Association Executive Director Greg Spranger said he welcomed the proposed extension. He said the fee rollback helps reduce the enormous overhead costs associated with opening a new business, like a restaurant.

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