New signs educate residents about drinking water

April 6, 2010

City workers posted signs throughout the city in mid-March to remind residents about the importance of ground water.

Workers installed five ground water protection signs in the Critical Aquifer Recharge Area — places where rainwater filters into the underground municipal water supply. Ground water pumped from the Lower Issaquah Valley Aquifer serves as a major source of city drinking water.

Officials said the signs will be used alongside other tools, like the city Web site, to educate residents about the source of city water, as well as manmade impacts on the ground water supply.

Learn more about drinking water, the Critical Aquifer Recharge Area and the signs here.

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City’s anti-pollution grant nears renewal

June 2, 2009

A city program to cut water pollution has prevented industrial chemicals, fryer grease and even the material dentists use to fill cavities from contaminating ground water. Read more

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