City to hold public meeting about Seventh and Gilman Boulevard redevelopment

February 17, 2014

NEW — 11:15 a.m. Feb. 17, 2014

A public meeting will allow citizens to express concerns about a Shoreline Substantial Development Permit for the redevelopment of Northwest Gilman Boulevard and Seventh Avenue Northwest on March 4.

Lennar Multifamily Communities submitted a site development application last month for a multifamily residential project called Seventh At Gilman at that location.

The project calls for building three five-story apartment buildings, which will house 343 residential units above below-ground parking on the 6-acre site. Issaquah Creek borders the property.

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Issaquah permit center changes hours

September 10, 2013

Customers should plan ahead for limited services in the city Permit Center from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sept. 16-20, as staff members undergo training.

Permit Center staff will not be available to assist customers during that time. However, planners will be available, building inspections will still occur and customers can still drop off materials at the front counter.

Questions about the temporary change in service? Call the Development Services Department at 837-3100.



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Marijuana dispensary plan in historic downtown draws fire

August 13, 2013

A medical marijuana dispensary looks to open in Olde Town and residents are raising their voices in protest.

The Peaceful Choice, a medical marijuana collective garden, submitted an application that was completed July 10 to open within the Issaquah Court Condominiums, a mixed-use building housing both residential and commercial units.

Robin Brewer, president of the Issaquah Court Condominiums, in the 100 block of First Place Northwest, said she is very concerned by an application making its way through the city that would allow for the dispensary to open its doors on the building’s ground floor.

“When the city of Issaquah set up the zoning for this, they did not take into account that the library, train museum and senior center are all less than 1,000 feet from this proposed location and which fit the city’s own definition of a community center,” Brewer said.

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City approves home-based firearms business

October 30, 2012

City planners approved a home-based firearms business in downtown Issaquah on Oct. 12, despite concerns from neighbors.

The municipal Development Services Department OK’d a permit for Michael Marinos, a longtime Issaquah resident, to open the business in the Olde Town neighborhood south of East Sunset Way.

Marinos created Bigg Dogg Firearms to offer federally licensed firearms transfers to customers purchasing weapons online. Customers could then stop at Marinos’ home-based business to pick up the firearms.

The city code allows home-based businesses, and does not limit firearms businesses in Olde Town.

Only Marinos, as the licensee to handle firearms transfers, can complete the transactions, and he said he does not plan for firearms deliveries to occur when he is not at home. The conditions outlined in the permit also prevent ammunition sales at the business.

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Crews rebuild downtown gas station

October 23, 2012

Expect the remade downtown Shell gas station and Jacksons convenience store to stand taller and cover more ground than the boxlike former structure after a monthslong overhaul concludes.

The planned store at Front Street and Sunset Way should feature a more modern, spacious layout and additional options. The planned façade includes sconces and stone accents. The gas station site is also in line to receive additional landscaping after construction concludes.

Crews started the major overhaul Sept. 11, a day after the business closed to customers.

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Uncertainty clouds debate over marijuana legalization measure, Initiative 502

September 25, 2012

Marijuana sits in a jar held by Lydia George in 2011 at GreenLink Collective. File

GreenLink Collective, a medical marijuana operation along Northwest Gilman Boulevard, reshaped attitudes and policies about marijuana in Issaquah last year, as patients and officials engaged in a long debate about access to a drug banned under federal law.

In November, Washington voters could further redraw the battle lines in the marijuana debate. Initiative 502 aims to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana for recreational users. The proposal goes a step beyond a 1998 measure to legalize medical marijuana in Washington and could set a national precedent.

The initiative calls for sales at state-licensed stores of up to 1 ounce of marijuana — grown by state-licensed farmers. Marijuana-related tax revenue could pump as much as $1.9 billion into state coffers, if the federal government does not intervene.

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Shootings, election politics contribute to rise in gun sales

September 4, 2012

Police said recent mass shootings, and a superheated presidential election campaign, contributed to a rise in handgun-license requests to local law enforcement agencies.

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Neighbors protest proposed firearms home business

August 28, 2012

Concerns about safety and traffic led downtown Issaquah residents to join forces to stop the city from approving a permit for a home-based firearms business.

The municipal Development Services Department is considering a proposal from Michael Marinos, a longtime Issaquah resident, to open the business in the Olde Town neighborhood south of East Sunset Way.

Marinos created Bigg Dogg Firearms to offer federally licensed firearms transfers to customers purchasing weapons online. Customers could then stop at Marinos’ home-based business to pick up the firearms.

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City considers permit for medical marijuana garden

July 10, 2012

City planners could allow a medical marijuana collective garden in Issaquah, months after another medical marijuana operation opened to patients.

The nonprofit medical marijuana operation Eastside Greenlight Collective Garden applied for a city permit to open in a commercial building at 230 N.E. Juniper St. — a mixed-use area near the Lakeside Industries quarry north of Interstate 90.

The marijuana operation does not intend to grow marijuana in the space. The applicant proposed minimal change to the unit, if any is needed.

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City Council approves $1 million adjustment in municipal budget

June 12, 2012

The latest step in a broad reorganization of City Hall included a $1 million drop in the municipal budget, as the City Council redirected spending after a round of employee layoffs in some departments and hires elsewhere.

The midyear budget reflected a change in strategy at City Hall, as officials retool functions to reflect recommendations in a study conducted last year by a Seattle consultant.

Officials already bundled municipal departments into a Development Services Department — a super-agency meant to streamline planning and building functions — and rolled out a more muscular effort to attract and retain businesses.

The budget adjustment approved by the council May 21 shifted dollars among city accounts to achieve the decrease. The legislation is meant to address the changes in the city spending plan since the council adopted the original 2012 budget in December.

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