Issaquah pushes for Legislature movement on transportation

January 14, 2014

Transportation will continue to top Issaquah’s wish list for this year’s legislative session.

At a casual breakfast meeting Jan. 6, city leaders met with local representatives and Issaquah’s lobbyist Doug Levy to discuss the regular session, which began Jan. 13. Fifth District Republican Reps. Jay Rodne and Chad Magendanz joined Democratic Sen. Mark Mullet in talking about the city’s interests in possible legislation.

“As you travel around the region, I imagine that every jurisdiction names transportation as the No. 1 concern, and Issaquah is no different,” new Mayor Fred Butler said. “Last year was a tough legislative session around a transportation package, because there wasn’t one.”

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Lobbyist pushes Issaquah priorities in state Legislature

February 12, 2013

The top priorities for Issaquah leaders during the legislative session stem from efforts to reduce traffic congestion in the city and revitalize Lake Sammamish State Park.

The proposals could receive a boost in Olympia from a lobbyist hired by Issaquah leaders to steer state dollars to local projects.

Lobbyist Doug Levy started in the job in July 2012, after the City Council made a contentious decision to hire a lobbyist in Olympia for $52,000 per year — a $48,000 fee, plus expenses. City leaders then developed a list of priorities to guide Levy in the Capitol.

In the meantime, a former councilman, Democrat Mark Mullet, joined the state Senate and also started championing Issaquah issues.

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