Taking a closer look at nutrition in schools’ lunches

January 29, 2013

Lee Xie Skyline High School

Lee Xie
Skyline High School

This month, we are choosing to start off the year with a bang by reporting on an issue that is relevant and important to our audience: school lunches.

We all know that the Issaquah School District is innovative and dedicated when it comes to education, but how do our schools fare when it comes to feeding our students in a nonintellectual way? Our journalists explore the issue and how lunches shape up at Skyline, Issaquah, Liberty and private Eastside Catholic high schools.

In the grand scheme of things, school lunches in America have been a hotly debated topic in the past few years. Last January, the U.S. Department of Agriculture issued new guidelines that stated that school meals would have to offer fruits and vegetables to students every day. The meals would also have to reduce sodium, saturated fat and trans fat levels. The new standards called for schools to offer more whole grains, as well as more fat-free or low-fat milk options.

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Seattle theater honor young playwrights

January 1, 2013

Alex Kennedy, a seventh-grader at Eastside Catholic Middle School, receives an honor from ACT Theatre’s Young Playwrights Program on Dec. 10 for his original play, ‘Sweeping Beauty.’ Contributed

William Shakespeare was about 25 when he wrote his first play; Tennessee Williams was a teenager when he penned his first script, but he had to wait several more years to have one produced. For one Issaquah 12-year-old, the chance to see his words come to life onstage will come much sooner.

Alex Kennedy is in seventh grade at Eastside Catholic Middle School and will have his play, “Sweeping Beauty,” produced in Seattle this spring.

As part of their humanities class, all seventh-graders at the school this year took part in the Young Playwrights Program, an educational offshoot of Seattle’s ACT Theatre. For 10 weeks, playwright teachers worked with students to help them create their own plays.

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Issaquah milestones from 2012 reflect challenges, changes

December 25, 2012

Backhoes from Santana Trucking & Excavating dig June 26 at the southeast corner of the intersection of Northeast High Street and Highlands Drive Northeast, as construction starts on the Issaquah Highlands retail center. By Greg Farrar

Challenges — whether economic, political or social — defined the year.

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Eastside Catholic club opens students to Asian culture

December 25, 2012

Eastside has many interesting clubs and activities but Asia Club is definitely one of the most unique.

Shreya Tewari
Eastside Catholic High School

Asia Club is a fairly recent club (started in the past several years) open to anybody interested in learning about and delving into Asian studies — languages, culture or food. The club meets once a week and learns about different Asian cultures and immerses itself in celebrating different foreign practices.

The club does a large amount of fundraising to support kids and people in general in many underprivileged areas in Asian countries. For different holidays, there are different kinds of candy grams that go around the school that are sponsored by Asia Club to raise money.

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Eastside Catholic tuba player to march in Rose Parade

December 25, 2012

Clayton Dungey and his family have always loved Disneyland. Whenever they got the chance, the five of them would jump in the car and spend a long weekend there.

Clayton Dungey

But for Clayton, the biggest thrill wasn’t Mickey Mouse or Splash Mountain — it was the marching band on Main Street.

The Eastside Catholic High School sophomore, an Issaquah tuba player, will join the Bands of America Honor Band in January, perform at Disneyland and march in the 2013 Tournament of Roses Parade.

“That’s one of my favorite things to do on tuba is playing, and seeing little boys looking and seeing how cool it is, because that is how I felt as a little boy looking at the tuba player,” Clayton said. “I really like to perform for others, and this opportunity to play for millions of people is really awesome. I am really excited for this opportunity.”

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Eastside Catholic High School students get involved in debate

November 27, 2012

Shreya Tewari
Eastside Catholic High School

Eastside Catholic High School has a large group of students politically involved in the thriving high school speech and debate program.

One example is extemporaneous speaking, an impromptu event in which competitors compile research on a wide variety of topics and then are given a few political questions to choose from.

Competitors then have a few minutes to look through their general research and see if they can find information that applies to the questions. They are expected to deliver a polished, seven-minute speech answering a question. There are several students on the team that compete in this event.

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Who’s News

November 6, 2012

Issaquah Nursing and Rehabilitation honored

Issaquah Nursing and Rehabilitation received the 2012 Bronze Commitment to Quality award for its dedication to improving quality care.

The award is one of three distinctions possible through the National Quality Award program, presented by the American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living. The program honors facilities across the nation that demonstrated their commitment to the quality improvement journey.

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Eastside Catholic High School’s Judy Tu hails from Taiwan

October 23, 2012

Shreya Tewari
Eastside Catholic High School

Judy Tu Eastside Catholic High School

There are some students at Eastside Catholic High School who have been a part of the community for a while, but have unique backgrounds, sometimes even foreign ones.

One such student is senior Judy Tu. Judy grew up in Taiwan and came to America two years ago. She is an incredibly hardworking and sincere student and positive person to be around.

She adds a lot to the Eastside community and the senior class, and it is hard to believe she wasn’t born here.

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Skyline High School closes for day due to online shooting threat

September 25, 2012

King County Sheriff Steve Strachan speaks during a news conference Sept. 20 at Sammamish City Hall, across the street from the Skyline High School campus. By Greg Farrar

Skyline High School closed Sept. 20, after a still-unidentified online bulletin board user threatened to unleash a Columbine-style attack and shoot students on campus.

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Spurred by Skyline threat, absences jump 70 percent at other schools

September 25, 2012

Student attendance in the Issaquah School District tumbled Sept. 20, and absences spiked by 70 percent, as police investigated a shooting threat against Skyline High School.

District administrators decided late Sept. 19 to close Skyline the next day in response to the online threat and keep other campuses open. Staffers and students at other schools felt the ripples early.

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