Eastside Catholic High School’s Judy Tu hails from Taiwan

October 23, 2012

Shreya Tewari
Eastside Catholic High School

Judy Tu Eastside Catholic High School

There are some students at Eastside Catholic High School who have been a part of the community for a while, but have unique backgrounds, sometimes even foreign ones.

One such student is senior Judy Tu. Judy grew up in Taiwan and came to America two years ago. She is an incredibly hardworking and sincere student and positive person to be around.

She adds a lot to the Eastside community and the senior class, and it is hard to believe she wasn’t born here.

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Skyline High School closes for day due to online shooting threat

September 25, 2012

King County Sheriff Steve Strachan speaks during a news conference Sept. 20 at Sammamish City Hall, across the street from the Skyline High School campus. By Greg Farrar

Skyline High School closed Sept. 20, after a still-unidentified online bulletin board user threatened to unleash a Columbine-style attack and shoot students on campus.

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Spurred by Skyline threat, absences jump 70 percent at other schools

September 25, 2012

Student attendance in the Issaquah School District tumbled Sept. 20, and absences spiked by 70 percent, as police investigated a shooting threat against Skyline High School.

District administrators decided late Sept. 19 to close Skyline the next day in response to the online threat and keep other campuses open. Staffers and students at other schools felt the ripples early.

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What’s new at Eastside Catholic High School?

September 25, 2012

Shreya Tewari
Eastside Catholic High School

Eastside Catholic High School has some exciting new additions in place for the 2012-13 school year.

First, there are a ton of new teachers. From English, to theology, to history, to world languages, to art, the majority of departments and subjects have at least one new teacher.

Secondly, there has been an addition to the available opportunities for world language classes. Besides the standard French and Spanish classes, students now have the option to take Mandarin Chinese.

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Discover pros, cons of year-round schooling

September 25, 2012

Jacob Brunette
Issaquah High School

While most students are experiencing the shock that accompanies the end of summer and the return to school, some are already in the middle of their school year.

Year-round schools, which replace the traditional summer break with smaller breaks spaced out around a full year of schooling, have been growing in number, and are offering a solution to many educational woes. They can be either single-track, in which all the students attend school at the same time, or multitrack, in which different groups of students attend the same school during different times.

Opinions on both types of schools are divided.

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Spurred by Skyline threat, absences jump 70 percent at Issaquah schools

September 20, 2012

NEW — 6:15 p.m. Sept. 20, 2012

Student attendance in the Issaquah School District tumbled Thursday, and absences spiked by 70 percent, as police investigated a shooting threat against Skyline High School.

District administrators decided late Wednesday to close Skyline on Thursday and keep other campuses open. Staffers and students at other schools felt the ripples early.

Districtwide, absences increased at 18 of 25 schools Thursday, although not every instance is attributable to the Skyline threat.

Officials counted 1,158 students absent Thursday, up from 680 a week earlier, Sept. 13, according to a comparison of attendance data. The district serves about 17,000 students from Preston to Newcastle, and from Sammamish to Renton.

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Investigation into Skyline threat continues as attendance drops elsewhere

September 20, 2012

UPDATED — 5 p.m. Sept. 20, 2012

Police continue to investigate a shooting threat against students at Skyline High School, as attendance at other Issaquah School District campuses — particularly Sammamish Plateau schools near Skyline — declined Thursday.

District administrators announced a decision late Wednesday to close Skyline after a threat made online targeted the school for a mass shooting. The district kept all other schools open.

Skyline also canceled all extracurricular activities and school athletics events scheduled for Thursday.

Sammamish Police Administrative Sgt. Jessica Sullivan said police continue to follow several leads on the identity of the user behind the threat posted Wednesday on the online bulletin board 4chan. Investigators have not yet been able to determine if the user is a Skyline student.

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Volunteers join forces to help Athletes for Kids

September 11, 2012

Skyline High School mentors in the Athletes for Kids program lend a hand at the Issaquah Rotary Challenge Race in July. By Janet Gadallah

What do a Pilates studio and a dozen area artists have in common?

They’re raising money for the local nonprofit organization Athletes for Kids.

For two days, Howling Dog Studio and the Creative Minds art collective are hosting an open house, art sale and raffle to help benefit the Sammamish-based organization that pairs high school athletes with younger children who have disabilities.

“I have a client whose child is active in Athletes for Kids and we just decided they were who we wanted to support,” said Nancy Brose, owner of Howling Dog Studio. She and Janet Gadallah, a Sammamish artist, are neighbors and wanted to hold an event to support an area organization. “I have just seen how much this client of mine, her daughter, has benefited.”

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Ex-Issaquah School District bus driver caught in federal sting dies

September 4, 2012

A former Issaquah School District bus driver and former Eastside Catholic High School teacher caught in a child pornography sting died Aug. 29 from cancer.

In May, federal agents arrested Andrew Rekdahl, 30, and 189 other suspects nationwide. The sting targeted the possession, receipt, transportation, distribution, advertisement or production of explicit images or videos.

Rekdahl faced child pornography charges after federal prosecutors said the Carnation resident shared images and videos of boys online from his home computer.

Officials at the school district and the parochial school said no complaints occurred against him at either organization.

In 2010, Eastside Catholic students and parents raised more than $17,000 to support Rekdahl as he underwent treatment for aggressive duodenal carcinoma, or cancer of the small intestine.

Eastside Catholic High School to hold heart screenings

August 14, 2012

Eastside Catholic High School will host a Nick of Time Foundation youth heart screening for all students from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Aug. 22.

The Nick of Time Foundation was founded in memory of high school athlete Nick Varrenti, who died at 16 from a sudden cardiac arrest.

The event is free and cardiologists and sports physicians will review all results. Learn more at http://nickoftimefoundation.org/programs/screenings.

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