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June 21, 2011

Marlena Norwood accepted to UC Berkeley summer program

Eastside Catholic High School junior Marlena Norwood was accepted into the National Student Leadership Conference on Medicine and Health Care at University of California, Berkeley.

In the 10-day conference, students will witness how to suture and perform a craniotomy demonstration, practice drilling into model skulls, participate in simulated clinical rounds and determine the identity of mystery “outbreak” diseases. They’ll also visit with physicians and researchers.

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Health Roundup

November 16, 2010

State bans Four Loko and other caffeinated alcoholic drinks

The state has banned “blackout in a can” caffeinated alcohol drinks.

Washington State Liquor Control Board members OK’d the emergency ban Nov. 10, after nine underage Central Washington University students had to be hospitalized after consuming the alcoholic energy drink Four Loko.

The statewide ban takes effect Nov. 17 and remains in effect for 120 days as the state formulates a permanent ban. Read more

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Issaquah human services campus study is due in October

August 24, 2010

NEW — 6 a.m. Aug. 24, 2010

City leaders last week outlined ideas for a human services campus — a clearinghouse for charities providing food, healthcare and employment services to the needy.

Mayor Ava Frisinger and other top officials met representatives from the San Francisco-based consultant conducting a city-funded feasibility study on the proposed campus.

In addition to gathering input from Issaquah leaders, the consultant collected demographic information to determine a possible service area for the facility.

Former Councilman John Rittenhouse — a longtime proponent of the campus who left the council in December and then joined the Family Resource Center board of directors — updated council members about the study Aug. 16.

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Volunteer, hobby expo returns bigger than ever

April 20, 2010

Whether you’re brand new to the community or have lived here your whole life, possibilities abound for getting involved with your neighbors and other like-minded individuals or groups. The trick is finding them.

Luckily, the Issaquah Parks & Recreation Department gathers more than 30 organizations at one convenient location each year — the Hobby & Volunteer Expo.

“It’s for all ages,” organizer Cathy Jones said. “It’s especially great for parents to find different groups for their children.”

Now in its 11th year, this year’s show is geared more toward hobby and volunteer opportunities for adults and high school students, Jones said.

“There are some great opportunities for retirees and empty nesters,” she added.

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Dollars tight for human services grants

November 11, 2008

Each year, the City Council considers grant funding for human services providers, and always there are hard choices to make. This year, it is even harder: 44 grant applications, totaling $359,490, were received by the Human Services Commission, but only $211,000 is available in the proposed 2009 city budget.

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