Eastside Baby Corner provides free diapers

May 28, 2013

Since diapers are not covered by any government aid programs, many families in King County are forced to choose between buying diapers and buying food or paying bills, according to a press release from Side by Side Northwest.

When it costs $100 a month on average to diaper a baby, struggling parents with children in daycare often can’t afford to go to work or school, which adds additional stress to low-income families.

Eastside Baby Corner, a diaper bank, has teamed up with Westside Baby to address the issue of diaper need by providing 2 million diapers to children in need in King County over the next two years through Side by Side Northwest. The two-year pilot program was created by the two agencies working together to increase support for all children living in King County, as well as to increase the impact both organizations make in the community.

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