Local school plays role in French presidential election

May 1, 2012

Inside the Issaquah School District boundaries is a rarity in vote-by-mail Washington — a polling location.

Frédéric Dubut

The election did not appear on local ballots, but the outcome could resonate on a global stage. The only polling location for French expatriates in the region is the French Immersion School of Washington, a campus situated along West Lake Sammamish Parkway Southeast next to Sunset Elementary School.

The campus hosted a stream of voters late last month amid the initial voting in the French presidential election.

Frédéric Dubut drove from Seattle in a borrowed Zipcar on April 21 to slip a ballot into a transparent box and cast a vote in the 10-candidate contest.

The initial round culled the field to top candidates for a runoff election. Dubut plans to return to the French Immersion School of Washington to cast a ballot in the runoff May 6 — or May 5 in Washington due to the time difference.

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