GriefShare helps mourners through difficult times

February 19, 2013

If there is one certainty in this life, it is the fact that we cannot walk this Earth for an infinite amount of time. Friends, families and lovers cannot escape the inevitability of mortality.

If you have not experienced the death of a loved one, and the grief that accompanies it, you will; but the thing is, you do not have to face it alone, said Louise Dippenaar, a GriefShare facilitator with a background in psychiatric nursing.

“We all have to face death one day. All of us have to go through that. It’s a part of life,” she said. “GriefShare simply offers a support to people to work through that grief experience in healthy ways.”

GriefShare is an international program that utilizes a support group setting to assist those who are grieving the death of a loved one. Each session, guided by a facilitator, includes a video seminar and the opportunity to interact with others who have experienced similar losses.

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