City considers encouraging solar panels, wind turbines for homes

February 24, 2009

City planners are working to streamline the process for homeowners who want to add solar panels or wind turbines to their homes.

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City Council approves exemption to traffic impact fees

January 27, 2009

Change makes it easier to find tenants for large storefronts

City Council members unanimously approved amendments to several of the city’s traffic impact fees Jan. 20, in hopes of making it easier to find tenants to fill vacant storefronts. Read more

Committee approves exemption to transportation impact fee

January 12, 2009

Change would make tenants easier to find for large storefronts

Vacant storefronts in the city could soon see some tenants after the City Council Land Use Committee approved an agenda bill Jan. 8 that would exempt up to 10,000 square feet of commercial development proposals from the city’s transportation impact fees.

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Budget, projects top concerns as unincorporated councils meet

November 4, 2008

Representatives from King County’s six unincorporated area councils, including the local Four Creeks Unincorporated Area Council, met with county officials Oct. 28 in Woodinville to discuss issues facing the areas in the year ahead.

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