Nightmare at Beaver Lake organizers need a hand after trailer heist

June 28, 2012

NEW — 12:30 p.m. June 28, 2012

Nightmare at Beaver Lake organizers asked the public for donations to replace a trailer stolen from its Kent headquarters June 19.

Scare Productions, a nonprofit theater group and partner in the the annual Halloween-themed event at Beaver Lake Park, discovered the 18-foot Wells Cargo-brand cargo trailer had been stolen.

Kelcey Hendricks, promotions director at Scare Productions, said the group believes the trailer went missing late in the evening of June 12 or early June 13.

The group reported the theft has been reported to Kent police, but police have no leads yet, he added.

The trailer contained several props used in the Halloween event, including an 8-foot by 4-foot vibrating floor, two 5-foot-tall Jacob’s ladders and other tools.

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Saylers celebrate 50th wedding anniversary

June 26, 2012

George and Colleen Sayler in 2012

George and Colleen Sayler, of Issaquah, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary June 30, 2012, with a luau party hosted by their children Tricia, Craig, Michele and Michael, and daughter-in-law Mindy.

George and Colleen both grew up in Magnolia, where they met through mutual friends in the neighborhood. They started dating on Halloween in 1958. They got engaged March 3, 1962, and married June 30, 1962, at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church, in Magnolia.

They lived in several different locations in Magnolia, finally settling in the house on West Boston Street that George grew up in. In that house, they started their family. In February 1966, they became foster parents to daughter Tricia, whom they adopted in September 1966. They had their son Craig in May 1967, daughter Michele in August 1968 and son Michael in December 1972.

Colleen and George Sayler in 1962

In 1975, they moved to Woodinville. George worked as a plumber at the University of Washington until he retired in 1995. After retirement, they moved to Klahanie in 1999.

George and Colleen have seven grandchildren — Alexandra, Jordyn, Carsen, Karter, Brett, Mallory and Braxten. This year, they celebrated their eldest granddaughter graduating from high school and their youngest granddaughter graduating from kindergarten.

Through the years they have enjoyed spending time and traveling with their family and friends — especially the grandkids who give them so much joy — tent camping at Island Lake, trips to San Diego to visit family, trips to Kalaloch and Cannon Beach, going to car shows at the Triple XXX Rootbeer Drive-in, gardening, decorating for Christmas in a big way and they are longtime University of Washington Husky football season ticket holders.

Zombies overrun Issaquah, menace unsuspecting residents

November 1, 2011

Zombies lift a fallen comrade from the pavement on Front Street North as traffic stops for the horde of undead in downtown Issaquah on Oct. 29. By Warren Kagarise

The undead creaked and rasped to life in Issaquah hours before sunset Oct. 29, as zombie hordes menaced motorists on a downtown street and overran a festival in the Issaquah Highlands.

The zombies, groaning and ashen-faced, clad in blood-spattered and torn clothes, started to creep south along Front Street North just after 3 p.m.

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Off the Press

November 1, 2011

Kathleen Merrill Press managing editor

Try not to spoil the holidays for others

Well, the holiday slide has begun.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the holidays. I love getting together with family and friends, eating and drinking, and all of the pageantry that goes with each individual celebration.

I love shopping for people I care about, and for decorations. I love all of the planning and organizing.

However, I do not like putting holidays before their time, like putting out the Christmas stuff before Halloween has even happened.

And I do not love the naysayers and the Scrooges and the grinches.

Well before Halloween, my favorite holiday of all, I received a press release entitled, “The Trick to Fewer Treats: Eight Ways for Cutting Back on the Candy This Halloween.” I got it numerous times in the past few weeks.

Here’s my problem with it.

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Zombies overrun Issaquah, menace unsuspecting residents

October 29, 2011

The undead, including zombie physician, overrun downtown Issaquah en route to the Issaquah Library for a 'Thriller' dance routine Saturday. By Warren Kagarise

NEW — 8 p.m. Oct. 29, 2011

The undead creaked and rasped to life in Issaquah late Saturday afternoon, as zombie hordes menaced motorists on a downtown street and overran a festival in the Issaquah Highlands.

Zombies, groaning and ashen-faced, clad in blood-spattered and torn clothes, started to creep south along Front Street North just after 3 p.m.

Traffic decelerated to a crawl as zombies shambled down the centerline and along the lanes’ edges as motorists — some bewildered, some bemused — aimed cameras at the horde. Others stared straight ahead in stunned silence as zombies peered inside and tapped on windows.

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State fire marshal offer tips, tricks for Halloween safety

October 29, 2011

NEW — 6 a.m. Oct. 29, 2011

Flammable costumes and decorations can turn Halloween from a celebration into a fright.

The state fire marshal reminds parents to plan ahead for the safety of little ghouls and goblins to make Halloween a fire-safe holiday.

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Police trick-or-treat for Halloween DUI suspects

October 29, 2011

NEW — 6 a.m. Oct. 29, 2011

Extra law enforcement officers in Issaquah and elsewhere in King and Pierce counties fanned out on local roads Halloween weekend to search for impaired motorists.

Halloween is a historically dangerous holiday on local roads due to the number of people driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The extra patrols started Friday evening and continue throughout the weekend. Halloween is Monday.

“Impaired drivers are the scariest things on our roads this weekend,” Dr. David Fleming, Public Health – Seattle & King County director and health officer, said in a statement. “Treat everyone to a fun and safe Halloween by driving sober or planning a safe ride home. Designate a sober driver, ride a bus or use cabs this weekend.”

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Zombie dancers shuffle, step to ‘Thriller’ for record attempt

October 25, 2011

Chandler Osman, 12, an Issaquah Middle School student, strikes a ‘Thriller’ pose Oct. 22 during rehearsal for Green Halloween Festival performances. By Greg Farrar

The undead shuffle across TV and cinema screens. Zombies chomp across bestseller lists. Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention created a droll guide to surviving a zombie apocalypse.

The zombie zeitgeist is ceaseless. Just like a horde of the undead on a mindless search for brains.

The pop culture phenomenon reaches Issaquah on Oct. 29 as revelers dressed as the undead shuffle downtown and in the Issaquah Highlands just before Halloween.

The most able-bodied zombies plan to inch to the Green Halloween Festival and the Issaquah Library to duplicate the complicated choreography from the 1983 Michael Jackson epic, “Thriller” — a 14-minute MTV masterpiece from “An American Werewolf in London” director John Landis.

Zombies plan to re-create “Thriller” at 2 p.m. for festivalgoers and at 4 p.m. at the downtown library. Then, zombies around the globe plan to gather for Thrill the World, a simultaneous attempt to dance to “Thriller” and set a world record. In Issaquah, 6 p.m. is the designated hour for the Thrill the World attempt.

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YWCA Family Village at Issaquah opens for tours

October 25, 2011

The community outreach for YWCA Family Village at Issaquah started long before backhoes sliced into soil at the Issaquah Highlands site.

The outreach effort continues Oct. 29, as YWCA of Seattle-King-Snohomish hosts a public open house on the $53 million campus. The event and the annual Green Halloween Festival coincide.

The open house is meant to introduce guests to Family Village residents, spotlight “green” design details, and highlight a daycare center, meeting space, playground and other features open to the surrounding community. Guests can participate in a scavenger hunt on the Family Village campus.

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Off the Press

October 25, 2011

David Hayes Press reporter

Halloween is a time for terrifying tales

Halloween remains one of those rare observances throughout the year where we still pay homage to the event’s pagan origins.

Some of our fondest memories come from Hell Night (thank you, Detroit, for that colloquialism).

Before I share mine, I thought I’d let some of my coworkers recount their favorite Halloween ghost story.

Sports Editor Bob Taylor enjoys digging up from his memory archives a yarn memorable not for its creep factor, but for its pleasantly surprising ending.

When he was 10, it seems Bob had this particular school bus driver who was independently wealthy, and as far as Bob could tell, only drove the bus to antagonize kids.

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