Harry G. Behrens

December 11, 2012

Harry G. Behrens

Passing away just short of their 60th anniversary, Dad left Mom on Dec. 2, 2012. Dad was born in Malvern, Ark., in 1930, raised among pine trees, loving sisters and loving parents.

Arriving in California via Route 66 as a young teenager, he was the Stockton Record’s paper boy extraordinaire, earning a college scholarship in the process. During his student days at UC Berkeley, he met Martha Hughes at a church function, and that was that. After courtship, kittens literally burst out of a bag to announce that “the cat was out of the bag” about their engagement.

Achieving the level of second lieutenant in the Navy during the Korean War, their wedding took place in between sailings, in Stockton, in 1953. Dad loved his Navy service. After the war, he earned a master’s degree in water quality from Berkeley.

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