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August 6, 2012

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Keep your deck looking like new through this spring and summer

May 10, 2011

As the weather gets warmer, most people search for more outdoor activities in which to take part. Some go to the pool and some head to the mountains, but some just head to the back porch to relax.

No matter what kind of deck you have, there are a few steps you can take to keep your deck looking good for the spring and summer. The first step is to wash away the dirt and grime that built up during the winter.

“It might be as a simple as wetting the deck down and putting a solution on it,” said Chad Amble, general manager at Issaquah Cedar and Lumber.

Amble said the most common wooden decks are cedar, although residents occasionally use redwood, which is popular in California. Alternatively, some will use exotic hardwoods or composite.

For cedar decks, coat the deck with a cleaner — such as Simple Green — and then rinse it off, Amble said. However, one may have to scrub off any algae or mold left from the winter.

For exotic hardwoods — such as ipe, ulin and tigerwood — and composite decks, soap and water will do the trick, he said.

Also, be careful with power washers. Only use a power washer on a cedar or redwood deck once every 10 years, and be sure not to spray too much in one place. Power washers are safe for exotic hardwoods and composite, but they often aren’t necessary.

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