Fatal accident brings out emotions at crowded City Council session

July 16, 2015

Tina Conforti said the evening prior to the accident, her next door neighbor, 4-year-old Haochen Xu was playing in the sprinkler in her backyard. After clearing it with his parents, she shared a peanut butter sandwich with him.

“A little angel lost his life,” Conforti told the Issaquah City Council at its regular meeting July 6.

She was just one of about 50 residents who attended the meeting to talk about the accident site — the crosswalk at Newport Way Northwest and Northwest Oakcrest Drive.

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March 25, 2015

In the article “Officials sound off on space crunch” in the March 18 edition of The Issaquah Press, Issaquah City Administrator Bob Harrison was incorrectly identified.

In the article “Resource officer change creates friction at Issaquah High Schools,” in the March 11 edition, Issaquah City Councilman Tola Marts was incorrectly identified.

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City officials sound off on space crunch

March 17, 2015

As they move forward with two separate planning processes, city officials have returned several times to two major topics: a perceived need for added space for both police and the city administration.

“We’re overcrowded in the police department,” Police Chief Scott Behrbaum said during a March 9 City Council work session.

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Issaquah hires new deputy city administrator

July 15, 2014

Issaquah will get a new deputy city administrator this summer.

Mayor Fred Butler announced July 3 that he hired Emily Moon as the city’s next deputy administrator. She will report to City Administrator Bob Harrison.

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Issaquah wants input for 2015 goal setting

April 1, 2014

Two minutes is all city leaders ask of residents to help identify potential goals for the Issaquah City Council to consider.

The City Council will determine Issaquah’s 2015 goals during its May 17 retreat. In the meantime, the city has set up a survey to gauge what residents believe are Issaquah’s largest hurdles for the future and to collect suggestions about how to tackle them.

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City Council considers offering annexation to parts of Klahanie PAA

March 18, 2014

Issaquah might still offer annexation to parts of the Klahanie area — and that might take another year.

In the March 10 City Council work session and the March 11 Land and Shore Committee meeting, exploring next steps for the Klahanie potential annexation area took center stage. King County Elections certified the Feb. 11 special election results Feb. 25, in which residents in that area voted whether to join the city of Issaquah. Needing 60 percent to pass and for those residents to assume the city’s bonded indebtedness, the vote earned 49.47 percent in favor of joining Issaquah.

Council President Paul Winterstein identified five options available to the council for consideration in light of the certified vote.

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Annexation at what cost to Issaquah residents?

January 14, 2014

By Greg Farrar Diane Marcotte, city of Issaquah finance director, says a planning and management study plus legal and research expenses has cost the city $111,103 to consider the potential Klahanie-area annexation.

By Greg Farrar
Diane Marcotte, city of Issaquah finance director, says a planning and management study plus legal and research expenses has cost the city $111,103 to consider the potential Klahanie-area annexation.

Annexing the Klahanie area would lead to many costs and benefits for Issaquah residents according to the city-commissioned Nesbitt Planning and Management study, but questions remain.

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City wants a college to replace Microsoft campus

December 10, 2013

An educational institution might replace the vision of an Issaquah Highlands Microsoft campus.

The city will begin the process of establishing a development agreement with the new landowner, Polygon Northwest, in the coming weeks. Microsoft sold the 63-acre parcel in October for an undisclosed amount. In the meantime, Issaquah Economic Development Director Keith Niven gave a view of what the city hopes to see in the final document.

“That land would allow for a lot of different things to happen, including residential,” Niven said, explaining what the aim is for the final deal. “We’re just trying to work towards where they can build what they want and the city can work to find an employment hub up in the highlands.”

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Klahanie annexation meeting becomes tug of war

September 24, 2013

In a meeting that stretched over two nights, the King County Boundary Review Board watched a local tug of war over Issaquah’s intent to annex the Klahanie area.

The Boundary Review Board is responsible for guiding and controlling the growth of municipalities. The quasi-judicial body is empowered to make decisions on incorporations, annexations, mergers and more. It will decide whether to allow an annexation vote to Klahanie-area residents by its next regular meeting Oct. 10. On Sept. 18 and 19, it heard government and public testimony about Issaquah’s intent to annex the potential annexation area and more.

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City accused of cybersquatting

September 17, 2013

Water district customers hoodwinked

A city of Issaquah employee was directed to register websites in May in an apparent effort to deceive customers of the Sammamish Plateau Water and Sewer District. That move could open the city up to possible lawsuits.

Mayor Ava Frisinger said in a letter that the move directed by the administration was designed to counter a “misinformation campaign” from the district.

In a Sept. 12 press release, the district pointed to two domain names it found similar to ones it employs in business practices. Both sites, owned by the city of Issaquah, not only resembled established domains of the district, but also took an Internet user straight to a city webpage entitled “Our water, our city.”

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