Poker tourney to help the Issaquah Valley Trolley

July 21, 2009

a&e-poker-poster-20090700 Poker pro Barry Greenstein is known as the Robin Hood of poker, because he donates all of his tournament winnings to charity.

Now’s your chance to be the Robin Hood of Issaquah. The Issaquah Trolley Committee is hosting a Braggin’ Rights Trolley Texas Hold ’Em Poker Tournament July 25 at the depot museum. The beneficiaries are the two trolleys acquired by the city.

Since the Issaquah Depot Museum’s restoration in 1994, city leaders have long sought to also restore the trolley line, linking historic downtown to Gilman Boulevard. Read more

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City could pay $2,000 tab for new bike map

May 19, 2009

City officials were set to consider spending $2,000 to make it easier for bicyclists to navigate Issaquah. Getting Around Issaquah Together sought money from the city Lodging Tax Fund to pay for bicycle maps, which would be distributed for free at area businesses. Read more

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