Commission studies anchor development in central area

April 21, 2015

Adopted in late 2012, the Central Issaquah Plan has been described as a long-term vision for the city that would bring about a dense urban core, a mix of residential and commercial development.

While a few projects are already underway, at the behest of the Issaquah City Council, the city Economic Vitality Commission has identified a number of locations and issues that eventually could receive some extra attention from the city leading to development of anchor projects within the plan area. Regarding the development sites, that extra attention will likely consist of some form of economic incentive.

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To the Editor

April 22, 2014

Post office

Poor service, long lines really need improvement

On April 14, I entered the Issaquah Post Office at 9:26 a.m. and placed myself at the end of a long line of people. I noticed there was only one clerk working. I finally reached that clerk at 10:05 a.m., the same time the second clerk showed up, finally.

I wonder why the second clerk was not placed into service earlier. There are many cameras in the place that show the numerous people desiring U.S.P.S. service.

The U.S.P.S. has a monopoly on the letter business and just recently raised the cost of mailing a letter, so Issaquah Postmaster, why the poor service at the Issaquah Post Office?

If the Issaquah Postmaster does not intend to improve the service, how about providing some benches to accommodate the people who are waiting in line?

Ken Sessler


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Joshua Schaer is not afraid to disagree

October 11, 2011

On a City Council often united in 7-0 decisions, Joshua Schaer is the occasional outlier.

The councilman opposed a hike in cable rates, a redo along Newport Way Northwest and proposed changes to the same street near Issaquah Valley Elementary School. The opposition earned Schaer a grudging respect from council members — and a reputation for outspokenness.

“I’m not trying to be contrarian, and I’m not trying to be difficult, but you can’t have 7-0 votes on every issue,” he said.

Joshua Schaer

Now, as a candidate for a second term on the council, Schaer highlights the no votes just as much as accomplishments.

The councilman, 33, spearheaded a food-packaging ordinance to require restaurateurs and other food sellers to use compostable and recycle takeout containers and utensils.

The legislation is a signature issue as Schaer heads from door to door to greet potential supporters. Newcomer TJ Filley is the other candidate in the race for the Position 4 seat.

“I can’t take credit for the original idea, because it started in a lot of cities. Portland has been doing it for 20 years. Cities in California have been doing it for many years. Seattle was really the model that I looked at,” Schaer said. “If it can work in Seattle with the size of that city, then certainly it can work in Issaquah, where we are leaders in environmental preservation and sustainability. To be the first city on the Eastside to do this, I think, is a tremendous accomplishment.”

The measure caused some heartburn among business leaders, and the rollout continues to face difficulties almost a year after the ordinance took effect. Still, Schaer said the ordinance is a milestone for a city focused on sustainability.

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U.S. Postal Service to offer lessons to eBay entrepreneurs

August 22, 2011

NEW — 6 a.m. Aug. 22, 2011

Online entrepreneurs can attend a business workshop in Issaquah to learn how to ship eBay items through the United States Postal Service.

The postal service is hosting a “Grow Your Business Day” workshop Friday to educate online sellers about how to ship quickly, easily and affordably. The workshop is at 1 p.m. in the community room at Issaquah City Hall, 130 E. Sunset Way. Seating is limited, so people interested in attending should register in advance.

In the hourlong presentation, postal experts plan to update eBay shippers on the postal service’s shipping products, such as Priority Mail flat-rate boxes and envelopes.

The auction website ranks among the largest online marketplaces on the planet. More than 94 million active users globally use eBay.

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King County voters face Tuesday deadline to return ballots

August 14, 2011

NEW — 8 p.m. Aug. 14, 2011

The countdown to Election Day — Tuesday — is ticking.

King County voters must postmark or drop ballots in a drop box by 8 p.m. in order for ballots to be counted. Remember: Mailed ballots require a first-class stamp.

King County Elections offers a drop box at Issaquah City Hall, 130 E. Sunset Way, and other locations throughout the county.

In order to avoid Election Day lines, contact the elections office ASAP for a replacement ballot or to ask questions. The office’s Voter Hotline is open weekdays, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., at 206-296-8683.

If you plan to return your ballot from a post office on Election Day, check the schedule ahead of time, because some post offices recently reduced evening hours.

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Richard and Gloria James celebrate 50th anniversary

June 7, 2011

Richard and Gloria James celebrated their 50th anniversary with their daughter Susan and granddaughter Jessica during the June 4 weekend in Cannon Beach, Ore..

Gloria and Richard James in 1961

Richard L. James and Gloria M. Troxel, both from the same hometown of Sargent, Neb., began dating at Nebraska University at Kearney, Neb., in 1960. They were married June 4, 1961, in Sargent.

Both are graduates of Sargent High School. Parents of the couple were David and Janice James, and John and Georgia Troxel, of Sargent.

For the past 35 years, the couple has lived in Issaquah and have one daughter, Susan, and one granddaughter, Jessica.

Richard was employed by Western/Delta Airlines; Gloria was employed by the Issaquah Post Office.

This fall, they are planning a 30-day cruise to Tahiti from Seattle.

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Prepare for Memorial Day schedule changes

May 27, 2011

NEW — 10 a.m. May 27, 2011

Memorial Day means closures and schedule changes in Issaquah and elsewhere.

Issaquah City Hall, King County and state offices close. So do federal offices, including post offices.

King County Metro Transit operates on a Sunday schedule May 30 for Memorial Day.

For Metro Transit service, if a bus route does not usually operate on Sunday, then no service is offered on Memorial Day.

In addition, all Metro offices close on the holiday, including the customer information phone lines. Use the online Trip Planner for travel assistance.

Sound Transit also operates on a Sunday schedule for Memorial Day.

Most state-run liquor stores remain open for the holiday.

The state stores open at regular time — either 10 a.m. or 11 a.m. — and close at 7 p.m. Contract liquor stores may also open.

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Issaquah Post Office to offer class for small business owners

May 7, 2011

NEW — 8 a.m. May 7, 2011

Entrepreneurs can learn tips to boost business as the U.S. Postal Service hosts a Grow Your Business Day workshop in Issaquah.

The workshop is meant to help proprietors promote small businesses using direct mail, sans the cost of mailing lists or permits. Entrepreneurs can attend at workshop 2 p.m. Monday at the Issaquah Post Office, 400 N.W. Gilman Blvd. Seating is limited, so people interested in attending should register beforehand.

The just-launched Every Door Direct Mail service is the first in a series of postal service initiatives to make using the mail to expand business more efficient and affordable.

In the hourlong presentation, postal experts show how easy selecting a campaign message, choosing a target audience and prepare Every Door Direct Mail mailings can be.

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City Council adjusts undercrossing budget

March 8, 2011

Interstate 90 Undercrossing

The budget for the Interstate 90 Undercrossing received some adjustments from the City Council late last week to account for cost overruns.

The council had authorized $2.96 million to complete the north-south connector. The council increased the total by $16,000 in a unanimous decision Feb. 22.

The increase uses unallocated project dollars, funds from utility companies and city dollars set aside for a traffic-calming program.

The council awarded the initial construction contract for the undercrossing last March, and then awarded a construction contract for another piece last July.

The project required more excavation than planners had anticipated in order to build a stable base for the roadway.

Planners did not anticipate the additional excavation based on the soil conditions at the site. The rain-soaked summer exacerbated the problem.

In addition, utility companies asked to install lines in a trench created as part of the undercrossing project.

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Issaquah I-90 Undercrossing opens / Jan. 11, 2011

January 13, 2011

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