Tent City 4 moving back to Issaquah

January 19, 2010

Tent City 4 will return Jan. 23, when a process choreographed by volunteers will transform the Community Church of Issaquah property into temporary shelter for up 100 homeless people.

Volunteers and residents will lay down pallets and plywood, haul a portable shower and toilets to the campsite, and pitch tents for makeshift residences. The encampment will remain at the church until late April, when Tent City 4 will relocate to another Eastside church. After the encampment takes shape, more volunteers will descend on the site to serve meals and deliver donations.

Before residents arrive at the Issaquah site, however, organizers need donations and volunteers to ensure the encampment can serve the homeless men and women who will seek refuge within the fenced grounds.

“Tent City 4 offers a level of safety that, if you’re out on the street alone, you’re not going to have,” coordinator Paul Winterstein said.

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City considers $20,000 human services campus agreement

May 19, 2009

City officials will consider spending up to $20,000 next month to partner with a Redmond social services center in order to establish a human services campus in Issaquah. Read more

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ESL classes cut at Issaquah church

April 6, 2009

Elizabeth Maupin

Elizabeth Maupin

Renton Technical College administrators ended English as a second language classes taught at the Community Church of Issaquah as the college trims costs. The classes ended March 26 with the last day of the winter quarter.

Administrators cut $884,000 to close a widening budget gap. They laid off 13 part-time ESL instructors, closed the college’s swimming pool and pared operating expenses.

Elizabeth Falconer, an ESL instructor who taught a class in Issaquah, lost her job at the end of the winter quarter. Falconer and a co-instructor taught 22 students in a morning class offered at the church. Read more

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