To the Editor

April 1, 2014

Skateboard park

Don’t build it at Veterans’ Memorial Field

Here we go again. Our one and only park/ field donated to the city is up for construction again. Growing up in Issaquah, it was so nice to have a field right in downtown Issaquah. Open space — what a concept!

But then the city needed a library, a police station, a senior center and now the skateboard park. So, the city needs to take other land from people to claim it as “open space” just to let us know they “value” parks.

I’m pretty sick and tired of our one and true memorial field slowly getting hacked up by those who deem it more suitable for other uses. Soon, Veterans’ Memorial Field will be just that — a memory.

Very sad.

Jean McMullan


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Park Board recommends Tibbetts Valley Park for potential skate park site

March 25, 2014

NEW — 4:30 p.m. March 25, 2014

After considering the options and residents’ opinions from two public meetings, the Citizen’s Advisory Committee for the Issaquah Skate Park recommended the construction of a new skate park in Tibbetts Valley Park during the regular Park Board meeting March 24.

The Park Board agreed and passed its recommendation to Mayor Fred Butler.

“This recommended site at Tibbetts Valley Park is an open grassy area, near the Park & Ride parking lot,” Parks & Recreation Department Director Anne McGill wrote in an email. “It has nothing on the site at this point, except grass, and it would not displace any other park amenity.”

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Skate park location could be decided at March 24 meeting

March 18, 2014

After two public meetings, the Issaquah Parks & Recreation Department has narrowed the number of possible sites for a new skate park.

“It’s down to four that we’re considering now,” Parks & Recreation Manager Brian Berntsen said.

The locations are Veterans’ Memorial Field, Gibson Park, Central Park and Tibbetts Valley Park, near the Issaquah Transit Center.

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Seven potential sites eyed for new skate park

March 4, 2014

It looks like the future of skateboarding in Issaquah has plenty of options.

Parks & Recreations Department officials unveiled seven possible locations to build a new skate park Feb. 26. In a public meeting at Tibbetts Creek Manor, more than 30 locals, including parents, skaters and police, attended to hear the city’s plans and weigh in with opinions.

The current skate park borders the woods along the Rainier Trail, neighboring the community center. Last year, in the face of a public outcry around crime-related activities occurring there, the City Council budgeted $350,000 for the demolition and construction of a skate park in a new location.

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City seeks input on new skate park

February 18, 2014

The Issaquah City Council allocated $350,000 to replace the aging Issaquah Skate Park, and now, the city is seeking public input about possible locations.

The project consists of three phases: site location, design and construction. Before city officials move forward, they want to find a new, more visible setting for the skate park.

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Council authorizes $350,000 for skate park relocation

September 8, 2013

NEW — 6 a.m. Sept. 8, 2013

Plans to relocate the skate park are moving quickly as the Issaquah City Council approved $350,000 for the cause last week.

Concerns over drug usage and delinquent behavior in the past few years have led community groups and the council to push for building a new skate park in a safer area.

During the Sept. 3 regular meeting, a 6-1 vote committed to include the project in the 2014 preliminary budget, directing the administration to fund it. If approved in the budgeting process, money would go to construction of a new skate park on a yet-to-be-determined site as well as repurposing the current one.

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Skateboarder wins silver at X-Games

July 23, 2013

David Gravette started coming to the Issaquah Skate Park in about 1999. From there, it took him 15 years of skateboarding to earn a silver medal at the Munich 2013 X-Games.

The contest was Real Street. Sixteen competing skateboarders each put together 60-second videos containing clips of their skateboarding, including tricks like grinding rails, nose grabs and flips. In addition to winning silver for the video itself, Gravette won the online competition for Fan Favorite with 66 percent of the vote.

Video by Carson Lee David Gravette masters an urban landscape obstacles in a scene from his Real Street X Games Munich video submission in June.

Video by Carson Lee
David Gravette masters an urban landscape obstacles in a scene from his Real Street X Games Munich video submission in June.


Austin Fischer, one of his skateboarding friends, said that in Gravette’s beginning months at the skate park, they didn’t talk much. Fischer remembers seeing Gravette around the park and being able to recognize his face. It was not until May 1, 2000, that both skateboarders received sponsorship from the skate shop Extremely Board. As two of a total of five picked, the two grew closer as they worked for their sponsor and improved their sport.

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Issaquah Community Network seeks signatures by Monday for skate park relocation

June 28, 2013

NEW — 5 p.m. June 28, 2013

Projects to include in an upcoming voter-decided park bond will be discussed in the July 1 City Council meeting and one group is trying to ensure that relocating the skate park is considered.

The Issaquah Community Network has begun a petition to call for the council to cease use of the existing skate park near the community center and move it to a safer area.

“We, the undersigned, call on the Issaquah City Council to close the current skate park, and to fund and construct a replacement skate park in a more visible, kid- and family-friendly location,” it reads.

View the Issaquah Community Network’s petition here.

The organization cites continued illicit activities in the area that keeps citizens from making use of it.

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