Students aim to raise profile during Invisible Children event

December 14, 2010

NEW — 6 a.m. Dec. 14, 2010

Skyline High School students intend to make Invisible Children Awareness Week difficult to ignore.

Organizers planned a series of fundraisers for the week in order to raise money for Invisible Children, a San Diego-based nonprofit organization set up to promote education in Uganda.

Invisible Children Awareness Week includes T-shirt sales throughout the week, plus a change drive Tuesday during the boys basketball game against Liberty High School.

Wednesday includes a change drive competition among first-period classes. The drive continues at the girls basketball game against Redmond High School.

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Invisible Children founder brings message here

April 6, 2010

Jacob Acaye, of Northern Uganda, was abducted when he was 11 and forced into a life of violence as a child soldier in the Lord’s Resistance Army.

The rebel force, led by Joseph Kony and made up of mostly youths like Acaye, has terrorized the people of Uganda and neighboring nations for 23 years, according to the Invisible Children organization.

But Acaye is one of the fortunate ones. Now 19, he tours the United States with the organization that exists, in part, due to his harrowing life story.

Acaye and a group of Invisible Children volunteers visited Skyline High School March 25 to educate the student body about the children caught up in the ongoing conflict in Uganda.

“After, they feel touched and feel it really has changed their mind,” Acaye said of the feedback he receives from students.

The organization’s presentation consists of viewing a documentary film about the children affected by the conflict, as well as inspirational talks from Acaye and other volunteers.

Jacob Acaye speaks to Skyline students March 25 about his journey out of oppression as a child soldier.

By Christopher Huber

The early-morning assembly capped a week of raising awareness for the cause. Read more

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