King County librarians offer student academic aid

January 10, 2012

Local branches of the King County Library System are at the service of students looking for homework assistance or just something to do, said Ann Crewdson, left, children’s section supervisor for the Issaquah and Sammamish branch libraries, and Jessica Gomes, teen services director. By Tom Corrigan

“Fundamentally, we can find almost anything almost any time for almost anybody,” said Marsha Iverson, public relations specialist for the King County Library System.

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Issaquah School Board member Chad Magendanz launches campaign for Legislature

January 5, 2012

NEW — 11:35 a.m. Jan. 5, 2011

In a campaign announcement focused on dollars for education, Chad Magendanz, a Republican and the Issaquah School Board president, entered the race Thursday to represent Issaquah and rural East King County in the Legislature.

Chad Magendanz

Magendanz, a Tiger Mountain resident in Issaquah, launched the local campaign season days after state leaders offered a re-contoured legislative district for the Issaquah area and a little more than a week after the longtime incumbent, GOP state Rep. Glenn Anderson, opted against running for the seat in 2012.

“Much of the policy that affects our kids is not made in the district, it’s made down in Olympia. That’s where the funding for the most part is, and that’s where the major decisions are made as far as the future of education,” Magendanz said to business and education leaders gathered at the King County Library System headquarters in Issaquah.

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Local library readers’ appetite for ‘The Hunger Games’ dominates top titles

December 27, 2011

“The Hunger Games” — Suzanne Collins’ young adult novel set in a dystopian future — ranked as the top title requested throughout the King County Library System in 2011.

The top titles requested throughout local libraries mirror bestseller lists and offer a glimpse at readers’ tastes. “The Hunger Games” — No. 1 in a popular series about a post-apocalyptic world — and other books in Collins’ lineup jousted against titles from authors Rick Riordan and Laura Hillenbrand, and comedienne Tina Fey, for the top spot.

King County Library System librarians tracked the most-requested titles by determining the number of holds on a particular book. The number indicates readers’ most likely checked out the book, although the figure is not a precise count.

The system does not release the information for individual libraries due to confidentiality policies.

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Catch candidate forum replays until Election Day

November 1, 2011

Issaquah residents can hear from local and regional candidates during replays of a candidate forum on Issaquah Channel 21 at 4 and 9 p.m. each day until Election Day, Nov. 8.

Organized by The Issaquah Press and moderated by Publisher Debbie Berto, the forum attracted candidates for City Council, Issaquah School Board and Port of Seattle Commission.

The candidates, gathered at the King County Library System headquarters in Issaquah, answered questions Oct. 13 in 40-minute sections organized by office.

Issaquah’s Sustainability Film Series bags plastics documentary

October 25, 2011

The film “Bag It” and a discussion about plastics anchor the next Sustainability Film Series event.

“Bag It” started as a documentary about plastic bags and evolved into a broader investigation into plastics. The film details plastics’ effects on waterways, oceans and human beings.

Then, after the film, a panel of experts plans to lead a discussion about plastics and how to reduce plastics usage. King County EcoConsumer Tom Watson and People for Puget Sound representative Heather Trimm plan to participate in the discussion.

The free event is from 6-9 p.m. Nov. 2 at the King County Library Service Center, 960 Newport Way N.W. Call the municipal Resource Conservation Office at 837-3400 to learn more.

Hear from candidates in Issaquah Video Voters’ Guide

October 23, 2011

NEW — 6 a.m. Oct. 23, 2011

The countdown to Election Day is on, ballots started to arrive in mailboxes and voters face a multitude of choices.

Options abound for local voters to learn about City Council, Issaquah School Board and regional races.

City Council candidates recorded statements for the Issaquah Video Voters’ Guide to air until Nov. 8, Election Day.

Or, Issaquah Channel 21 viewers can watch a candidate forum recorded Oct. 13.

Organized by The Issaquah Press and moderated by Publisher Debbie Berto, the forum attracted candidates for City Council, Issaquah School Board and Port of Seattle Commission.

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Issaquah City Council, school board candidates gather at forum

October 18, 2011

Candidates for local and regional offices offered prescriptions for counteracting the ailing economy and educating a 21st-century workforce at a forum Oct. 13.

Candidates for positions on the Issaquah School Board laugh at a joke during a candidate forum Oct. 13 at the King County Library Service Center. By Greg Farrar

Organized by The Issaquah Press and moderated by Publisher Debbie Berto, the forum attracted candidates for City Council, Issaquah School Board and Port of Seattle Commission.

The candidates, gathered at the King County Library System headquarters in Issaquah, answered questions in 40-minute sections organized by office.

The forum occurred days before King County Elections mails ballots, and as many voters start to pay attention to the off-year election. Election Day is Nov. 8.

Though the majority of council seats is up for election, only a single seat is contested. In the lone contested race, challenger TJ Filley faces incumbent Councilman Joshua Schaer for the Position 4 seat.

Incumbent Councilman Fred Butler, appointed Councilwoman Stacy Goodman and candidate Paul Winterstein did not attract opponents for the other positions.

In a far-reaching discussion about municipal issues — transportation headaches, economic development, ongoing efforts to regulate a medical marijuana operations and more — Filley and Schaer stuck to usual themes from the campaign.

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King County Library System adds Kindle e-books to collection

September 27, 2011

King County Library System users on the hunt for a popular title, like say, “I Don’t Know How She Does It” — a comic tale about a mother balancing children and a career — no longer need to head to the brick-and-mortar library for a paper-and-ink book.

The library system started offering e-books to Kindle e-reader users. The rollout came as Kindle maker started offering books for the device at libraries nationwide.

“With the increase in popularity of digital readers, at about last year’s holiday gift-giving season, we ramped up our digital collection significantly,” said Marsha Iverson, public relations specialist for the Issaquah-based library system. “We kind of saw of it coming and got a little bit ahead of the curve, so we do have a good selection of digital downloads.”

Before the announcement Sept. 21, the library system offered books only on other e-readers, but not the popular Kindle. The library uses e-book distributor OverDrive for digital titles.

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Off the Press

July 19, 2011

One good mania deserves another

After a decade of sweeping readers and moviegoers off their feet with a school named Hogwarts, games of Quiddich and battles of good against evil, the final wave of Pottermania is now sweeping over Issaquah, the nation and the world, with the last of the epic movies having blasted through every worldwide box office record last weekend.

Greg Farrar Press photographer

Ticket sales of $475 million in three days is not too shabby!

Over the years, we’ve covered lines of fans at the local movie theater, costume parties for the latest book release at local shops, and huge shipments of Harry Potter books making their way from King County Library System headquarters on Newport Way to all of the branches in the system.

The question is, now what? Every generation has its “mania.” We’ve had the Jazz Age, Golden Age of Hollywood, Beatlemania, discomania and now the end of Pottermania. What should we proclaim in Issaquah to be the next all-consuming mania?

For the socially conscious, my personal preference would be to promote “Littermania,” getting us all to join in to pick up every scrap of paper, every beverage bottle and every plastic wrapper. Ever hear of the 1950’s fad of college students cramming into a phone booth? There’s at least one phone booth still in town, across the street from The Press building. Let’s have a contest of bagging up litter around town and seeing how many bags it takes to fill the phone booth!

Or, how about “musicmania?” There are a lot of scheduled music events this summer in town. For instance, during the next ArtWalk on Aug. 5, we could all bring that musical instrument in the back of the closet that we used to play — kazoo, violin, bongo drums, tambourine — and make ourselves a gleeful racket on Front Street and at Gilman Village.

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Issaquah-based King County Library System is named No. 1

June 21, 2011

The top library system in the United States is headquartered in Issaquah.

Moreover, strong circulation at the Issaquah and Sammamish libraries — and others across the 46-library system — helped earn the King County Library System the Library of the Year title from Library Journal magazine and Gale, a publishing company.

“We really got this award because of our patrons and our communities,” Julie Brand, community relations and marketing director for the library system, said after the announcement. “It’s really a reflection of their support and their use of us. Going forward, we need to continue to find the ways to be relevant to them in their lives, in how we deliver services, and the sorts of resources and information that we provide to them.”

Organizers cited the library system’s efforts to encourage reading, help people searching for jobs and community outreach. The library system is run from offices along Newport Way Northwest.

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