Councils praise plan for Klahanie-area transfer

April 15, 2014

Members of the Issaquah and Sammamish city councils took turns praising a deal to transfer the Klahanie Annexation Area from Issaquah to Sammamish.

Sammamish members not only seemed to like the deal, but said they also hoped it would usher in a new spirit of cooperation with Issaquah after some tense disputes over the past few months.

The Issaquah Land & Shore Committee took up the drafted interlocal agreement in its April 8 meeting and unanimously recommended its approval by the full council.

“The general consensus is that it was great,” Land & Shore Committee Chairman Tola Marts said. “We had been hoping that this issue could occur in the context of a regional issue, and this draft agreement really does that.”

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Issaquah and Sammamish hash out Klahanie deal

April 4, 2014

NEW — 4:30 p.m. April 4, 2014

Leaders from Sammamish and Issaquah announced a deal April 4 that will provide for the transfer of the Klahanie potential annexation area to Sammamish. The agreement is preliminary and will still need to be approved by both city councils.

In broad terms, Sammamish gets Klahanie, and Issaquah gets support on a host of other issues.

In a prepared statement, leaders from both cities hailed the agreement.

“On this issue, and many others, a continued commitment to a good working partnership between our two cities is exactly what the region needs,” Sammamish Mayor Tom Vance said.

“This proposed agreement benefits both cities — and potentially our Klahanie area neighbors,” Issaquah Mayor Fred Butler said.

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Voter registration deadlines approach

January 14, 2014

Be sure you’re ready to vote in the Feb. 11 special election.

The deadline for in-person registration for new Washington voters is Feb. 3.

More than half of King County voters will receive ballots, which will be mailed Jan. 22. Sixteen school districts, including Issaquah, the city of Issaquah and the Klahanie Annexation Area have measures on ballots.

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Sammamish makes offer to Klahanie-area residents

January 14, 2014

The Sammamish City Council is trying to make the Klahanie annexation area an offer it can’t refuse.

The council voted unanimously Jan. 7 that if the Klahanie area does not vote to be absorbed into Issaquah, Sammamish will “fast track” an annexation of its own. It also made a laundry list of promises for what types of services it would provide Klahanie-area residents if they were to enter Sammamish.

“We would endeavor to have a vote of the Klahanie area as soon as possible,” Councilman Don Gerend said.

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