The surprising benefits of senioritis

May 28, 2013

Every year, second semester seniors bond over, well, not doing anything at all. The feeling of anticipation to get to college and the lack of motivation to do any work when one reaches the home stretch of one’s high school career has been given the moniker “senioritis,” a “disease” that is both contagious and deadly.

Usually, a student catches senioritis after committing to college. With the future secure and bright and the school workload finally lessening after four years of long, hard work, students begin taking early summer vacations. Among my peers, I have already seen the symptoms blow up into full-fledged attacks on the immune system: students skipping class, students sleeping in class, students skipping school altogether. Thankfully, I myself have not fallen victim to the disease.

Lee Xie Skyline High School

Lee Xie
Skyline High School

In fact, it seems as if senioritis has made senior year the least stressful and most well-rested period of time in all my years of high school. I’ve discovered that the seemingly crippling infection brings a few beneficial side effects.

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