City may ask voters to help fund $308 million in traffic solutions

June 17, 2015

Issaquah voters could be asked to approve funding for transportation projects throughout the city as early as February 2016.

During an eight-hour retreat held June 6, the Issaquah City Council came up with a final list of eight goals, including one dubbed, “Transportation Funding Strategy.”

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August 20, 2013

Early school levy decision welcome

We appreciate early decision making by the Issaquah School Board in regard to its 2014 school levy and bond package.

The board approved its request that will go to voters in February on June 26, although exact numbers could vary slightly before being confirmed this fall, after state funding is considered.

With the citizen task force research done and needs identified, there was no reason to delay the school board vote. It’s always a good thing to get the facts out there early, as voters will need the seven months lead time to get their head around the numbers.

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