Are there good slugs?

November 26, 2014

Did you ever think the ickiest, slimiest creature in your yard might be beneficial? I have to admit I thought the slug’s negative points far outweighed anything positive. But I found out that the brown, slimy critter that eats your best plants, hides on the handles of your recycle bin and even climbs up your windows just might deserve some latitude.

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Automatic landscapes

September 24, 2013

My plants talk to me, and I always answer — sometimes in no uncertain terms. I was telling them the other day, “You guys have it made. You haven’t a clue what plants are dealing with in other parts of the country.”

This summer and last winter have been really conducive to plant growth here. We had a warmer than usual winter, extra heat this summer with higher than normal humidity, and a longer than normal growing season. With a little extra water from the hose, it’s a jungle out there. Hot summer days started the first of June rather than July 5 this year, and as of this writing, the weather is continuing to delight.

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What happened to the rain?

July 16, 2013

For the first time in many years, we had nice, dry weather in June when the sun was at its highest and the days were the longest of the year. That means we had more early heat, and crops west of the Cascades got a big boost. We can all celebrate by consuming tons of strawberries.

Early, dry weather may be good for crops and farmers, but it could mean stress for some of your garden plants. If your plants look bad, and you wonder if water is the problem, check out the following symptoms:

  • Fruits are different sizes
  • Stunted plants

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