Musicians can perform ‘Messiah’ for fun and funds

December 10, 2013

Musicians will gather for the fifth annual “Sing & Play Along Messiah” Dec. 15 at St. Michaels & All Angels Episcopal Church.

Any instrumentalists, vocalists or spectators can participate in the nonrehearsed event, under the direction of Jason Anderson, associate for liturgical arts at the church.

The event raises funds for the Merry Christmas Issaquah fund.

“We invite instrumentalists and singers to join us for part one of the ‘Messiah,’ which is considered the Christmas portion,” Anderson said.

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Merry Christmas fund helps Issaquah families at the brink

December 3, 2013

The people that turn to Issaquah Community Services for assistance are often in dire need.

These are families that could lose their home if the nonprofit didn’t step in with the next payment; these are people who would live without electricity if Issaquah Community Services didn’t exist.

Just ask Maria, an Issaquah resident who recently received a helping hand from the organization that provides emergency financial aid to residents of the Issaquah School District in the form of utility payments, rent assistance and other miscellaneous contributions. (Maria’s last name isn’t being used for her safety.)

“The people that are going to ICS, they really, really need help,” she said.

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Merry Christmas Issaquah assists families in need

November 26, 2013

When popular Bellevue eatery Lil’ Jon restaurant went up in flames June 13, it was a heartbreaking blow for regulars that frequented the spot, known for its breakfasts.

It was even worse for Issaquah resident and Lil’ Jon server Marita Davidson, who temporarily lost her job, as the restaurant underwent a major rehabilitation.

“It’s been there so long and nothing tragic has ever happened there before, so we were all in shock and devastated by that,” she said. “It was hard to regroup after that with the loss of income.”

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Merry Christmas fund sets goal at $75,000

November 19, 2013

In 2008, former Issaquah resident Ellen Loney had arguably the worst month of her life.

In the span of just 30 days, Loney lost her job and her mother. She would have lost the roof over her head, too, if it weren’t for the generosity of a local nonprofit organization.

“It was a very bad month, a very bad time, and Issaquah Community Services saved the day,” Loney said in a phone interview from her new home in Lynnwood.

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Merry Christmas Issaquah sets donor record, but falls short of goal

January 8, 2013

Though Merry Christmas Issaquah set a record for the number of donors, Issaquah Community Services did not meet the goal set for the 2012 fundraising drive.

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Donors can still give to Merry Christmas Issaquah

January 1, 2013

Merry Christmas Issaquah is still more than $11,000 shy as the annual fundraising drive for the nonprofit Issaquah Community Services continues.

Donors can still give to Merry Christmas Issaquah to help Issaquah Community Services reach a $75,000 goal. So far, 199 donors have contributed $63,698 in much-needed funds.

The all-volunteer organization provided more than $88,000 in assistance to local families last year, in the form of rent and utility assistance, or emergency aid. The city provides office space and overhead, so 100 percent of donations go to people in need.

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Merry Christmas Issaquah fundraising drive is 45 percent under goal

December 25, 2012

The all-volunteer organization Issaquah Community Services provided more than $88,000 in assistance to local families last year, in the form of rent and utility assistance, or emergency aid.

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Merry Christmas Issaquah helps during hardships all year

December 18, 2012

Sudden hardships can expose people reeling from the effects of the fragile economy to even more risk — financial trouble, utility shutdowns and, in extreme cases, homelessness.

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December 18, 2012

Make Christmas about giving to those in need

The excitement of Christmas is here … the reindeer at Cougar Mountain Zoo are being harnessed to guide Santa’s sleigh, the last-minute stocking stuffers and eggnog have been bought, the silver has been polished for the dinner table, and the church choir is ready for the candlelight service.

But here and there — in apartments, homes and homeless campsites — if you look closely, you’ll see some families with furrowed brows.

Forget Christmas. This single mom, widowed senior and unemployed dad are too busy worrying about next month’s rent. A decorated tree, presents tied with bows and a festive dinner are not going to happen.

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Merry Christmas Issaquah strengthens community ties

December 11, 2012

Since the economy entered a nosedive in 2008, and throughout the fragile recovery since, volunteers at Issaquah Community Services keep hearing a familiar story.

The breadwinner for a household, laid off during the recession, needs help to make ends meet. The volunteers listen and, in many cases, offer assistance to pay the rent or to keep the electricity on.

Milicent Savage, Issaquah Community Services president, remembers the stories from two men recently at the organization’s office.

The men, both fathers and husbands, needed assistance to cover rent expenses for the month. Savage recalled how one man — a former Microsoft employee now working as a custodian — broke down.

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