It’s high time to start riding the bus

April 22, 2014

My 14-year-old granddaughter Kait and I caught a Metro bus for a trip from the Issaquah Highlands Park & Ride to downtown Seattle to board the Seattle Great Wheel. It was my first time on a Ferris wheel and her first time on Metro.

The Ferris wheel was fun, but being introduced to Metro will be more useful for her as she grows up. This was my second time since moving here to ride Metro to downtown Seattle. The first time was to take in a motorcycle show at the Washington Convention Center.

Many years ago, I used Metro when visiting Seattle from Alaska. I could catch it at the airport and make my way around Seattle without the hassle of renting a car. I have also found mass transit the efficient way around London, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington, D.C.

Joe Grove Press proofreader

Joe Grove
Press proofreader

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City leaders investigate future of Route 200 bus

April 1, 2014

As King County residents vote whether to fund Metro Transit on April 22, city leaders are considering what to do with Route 200.

Issaquah pays a yearly subsidy to the county in order to keep the bus free of charge. But the city-centric route has been offered for the chopping block for years as Metro has faced increased expenditures. In response, the city has begun to survey residents who would most likely use the bus to try and get a clearer sense of its community impact.

City Economic Development Manager Andrea Lehner said the information would prove valuable for the city as well as the county.

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April 1, 2014

Vote yes on roads and transit funds

The state failed, once again, to find a way to fund transportation. So, once again, the county is on the hook to do so. It’s unfortunate that it has come to this, but it has. Voters should approve King County’s Proposition 1, to fund roads and transit.

It’s not cheap, ($60 on car tabs per year and a 0.1 percent sales tax increase for the next 10 years) but neither is the transportation network needed to keep one of the fastest growing counties in the nation moving.

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