Off The Press — 30 mph memorial to a life cut short

September 30, 2015

NEW — 4:46 p.m. Sept. 30, 2015

He is 4 years old, in red, white and black striped shirt, pale blue jeans and metallic blue tennis shoes, spinning, jumping, crouching, leaping and singing a song in exuberance at a Costco store.

Haochen Xu will be dancing in my iPhone forever.

Greg Farrar Press photographer

Greg Farrar
Press photographer

How did that come to be there? On Monday, June 30, we learned in the newsroom that the boy hit in the Oakcrest Drive crosswalk on Newport Way had died of his injuries, and on a very busy production day the only person with time to return to the neighborhood for following up on the Xu family’s tragedy was me. Read more

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May 20, 2014

Bike, cars can get along better

May 16 was Bike to Work Day, and thousands of two-wheeled commuters took to the road. The mere thought of a cyclist can start some drivers’ blood boiling, and cyclists, too, find themselves frustrated by inconsiderate motorists.

Bikes on the roads are here to stay, and indeed, if current trends hold, will be an ever-growing presence. More work must be done to help bikes and cars co-exist, and two of the biggest missing ingredients are predictability and education.

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