Off The Press — All lives mattered to Dr. Martin Luther King

June 3, 2015

You had to have been living in a pretty secluded bunker somewhere not to have heard recently about shootings involving police and the subsequent riots complete with the rallying cry, “No justice, no peace.”

Tom Corrigan Press reporter

Tom Corrigan
Press reporter

Echoing from sea to shining sea, unrest over alleged police misdeeds has ripped through plenty of places: Ferguson (Missouri), Baltimore and, of course, close to home, in Olympia, where police opened fire on youths who allegedly attacked them with skateboards. All of these incidents have a racial twinge, as the police were mostly white and the dead and injured were all black.

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New 5th District Sen. Mark Mullet / Jan. 31, 2013

February 12, 2013

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