Issaquah sports shrink talks a good game

March 29, 2011

Mike Margolies always tells his audience that he was a very good, unsuccessful athlete.

Issaquah radio show host Mike Margolies gets ready for his program, ‘The Athlete Within You’ from his home office on Squak Mountain. By Greg Farrar

“I had the physical tools, but I didn’t understand the mental side of the game,” he said. “I didn’t understand that my thoughts contributed to how I performed on the field. I didn’t understand there were things I could do to help me focus better.”

No matter at what level an athlete is playing — from Little League baseball to the Olympics — the field of sports psychology can help players channel the pressure of their sport into a positive force.

“I’ve worked with athletes who have won world championships, gone on to play professional sports,” Margolies said. “The difference between them and someone who has an equal level of tools is how they deal with adversity, how they deal with the stress of the game, how they plan and prepare for the game.”

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A look at the legacy left behind by Issaquah’s first rockstar candy maker

February 23, 2010

In 1956, in a town more renowned as a farming community and for its legacy in the logging and mining industries, an unlikely new venture opened its doors in Issaquah by an even more uncommon man.

In the foothills of the Issaquah Alps, Julius Boehm found a perfect setting, one that reminded him of his home in the Austrian Alps, from which to offer up a risky venture few thought had much chance at success — selling handmade chocolate confections.

“People thought it was a joke of an idea at the time,” said Bernard Garbusjuk, the current owner of Boehm’s Candies.

Well, the joke was on the doubters, as Julius Boehm added a new legacy the city of Issaquah can now lay claim to.

But as time marches on further away from Boehm’s passing in 1981, fewer remain who knew the man willing to take that risk.

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