City approves replacing antennae on tower

June 14, 2011

The city has approved AT&T’s application to replace antennae and add equipment to the existing cell tower near Providence Point.

AT&T applied to the city to replace some antennae, as well as add six remote radio heads, a surge protector and cable lines to the 110-foot tall structure. The remote radio heads optimize information being transmitted through the antennae.

The municipal Planning Department received AT&T’s application in late April and approved the application May 27.

The telecommunications giant intends to install the equipment alongside existing wireless equipment. The tower is near the base of a water tank reservoir at 4441 228th Ave. S.E. The existing reservoir and AT&T equipment sit near the southeastern end of the site.

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Issaquah growth center proposal raises questions

May 3, 2011

The nascent proposal to add almost 5,000 residential units to the business district in a pedestrian- and transit-friendly hub received a skeptical reception from city planning commissioners last week.

The city is considering a proposal to add a regional growth center in a bid to attract dollars for transportation and mass transit to Issaquah. The initial plans outline such a hub in 915-acre Central Issaquah, the commercial area spread along Interstate 90 and state Route 900.

The long-term blueprint for the Puget Sound region calls for areas designated as regional growth centers. The designation helps officials plan regional transportation infrastructure and determine the best sites for economic development.

The centers also receive higher priority for state and federal funding in order to connect the regional hubs — a crucial selling point.

Still, Planning Policy Commission members raised questions about a proposal to create a regional growth center and add up to 4,650 residential units in a dense neighborhood.

“I think the biggest question is, do we want to do this?” Commissioner Joan Probala asked during the April 28 meeting. “Because when we decide that we want to do it, you’re looking at changing the rest of the areas to some extent, and you’re going to encourage building to happen there” in the targeted area.

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City planners approve Hyla Crossing extension

March 22, 2011

City planners approved a request March 4 to allow Rowley Properties until 2014 to develop the Hyla Crossing area near Interstate 90 and the base of Cougar Mountain.

The city approved the initial plan in July 1998. The approval remained valid for a decade. Rowley Properties requested a three-year extension, and in March 2008, the City Council extended the deadline to July 2011.

The developer sought and received another three-year extension for the master site plan. Now, the plan is valid until July 2014.

Hyla Crossing has been approved for about 620,000 square feet of commercial use on about 45 acres.

Some of the area — including a Hilton Garden Inn and a Chevrolet dealership — already came to fruition. The approved plan also includes office buildings and parking structures.

Most of the property is zoned for intensive commercial use, and a small portion along Tibbetts Creek is zoned for professional office use.

Hyla Crossing is also part of a long-term effort to redevelop the city’s 915-acre business district.

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Planners approve lot consolidation for Costco garage

March 22, 2011

Costco is allowed to combine three lots near the company’s Issaquah headquarters and flagship warehouse.

The city Planning Department approved the application March 3.

The lot line adjustment is designed to allow for the construction of a parking structure on the footprint of the three original lots. The site is located at the intersection of Northwest 10th Avenue and Northwest Lake Drive.

City development commissioners approved the parking structure in August 2009. Plans call for the 1,601 parking stalls spread across five levels, with a first level built below ground and a top level with rooftop parking.

Costco employs 2,700 people in Issaquah, more than any other business. The parking structure is meant for employees, not for shoppers at the nearby warehouse.

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City OKs Costco’s 1,500-gallon underground gasoline tank

March 15, 2011

The city Planning Department has approved a permit to add a 1,500-gallon tank at the Costco gas station.

The underground tank — double-walled and fiberglass — is meant to store gasoline additives. The city approved the permit March 2.

The project site is in the southeast corner of the gasoline pump station site at Pickering Place.

Delivery is scheduled to occur by tanker trucks. From the truck, the additives can be transferred into the underground tank through flexible piping. Flammable additives are used to improve fuel efficiency and engine performance.

The facility includes a half-dozen dispensing units and 60,000 gallons of underground storage.

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Census: Issaquah is home to more than 30,000 people

March 1, 2011

City is more diverse and 170 percent larger than a decade ago

Issaquah is 170 percent larger and more diverse than a decade ago.

The city ballooned to 30,434 people — the result of a population boom fueled by annexations and housing construction. Information from the 2010 Census released Feb. 23 ranks Issaquah as No. 6 on the list of fastest-growing cities in the state during the past decade.

Furniture and belongings are unloaded from a moving truck Feb. 26 for a new resident of Estates on Cougar Mountain at Talus. By Greg Farrar

The population data also depicts Issaquah as a more diverse place than a decade ago.

The city claimed 11,212 residents after the 2000 Census. In the decade since the last decennial count, housing construction boomed in the hillside Issaquah Highlands and Talus neighborhoods. Issaquah also absorbed unincorporated King County communities in large annexations.

The population remains overwhelmingly Caucasian — 75 percent, although the percentage dipped from the 88 percent recorded in the 2000 Census — as more Asian and Latino residents settled in the city.

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Drive-thru espresso shop OK’d

February 8, 2011

City planners approved a permit Jan. 31 for another place for Issaquah residents to stop for a morning java jolt.

The city has OK’d a 650-square-foot espresso shop with two drive-thru windows in the parking lot of the Heritage Square shopping center along Northwest Gilman Boulevard.

The shop is for drivers only, so no walk-up window service or seating is included in the plan. The stand is to be constructed apart from existing buildings and landscaping is to be added around the completed structure.

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Planners OK restaurant overhaul at Issaquah Commons

January 18, 2011

The city Planning Department has OK’d modifications to turn a former copy center into a restaurant.

Planners approved a permit Dec. 16 to remodel the exterior of the former FedEx Office in the Issaquah Commons shopping center along Northwest Gilman Boulevard.

Plans call for the 6,600-square-foot commercial space to become Wildfin American Grill.

The tenant plans to add a timber entry structure, space for outdoor dining area and planters. The plan calls for some minor parking modifications. The exterior of the building is also to be modified to include metal canopies, a fresher color scheme and stone wainscoting.

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City mulls subdivision proposal

November 16, 2010

The city Planning Department has received a request to subdivide a 1.94-acre lot along Mine Hill Road Southwest into three lots for single-family houses. Read more

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City Planning Department approves proposals for lots

November 16, 2010

The city planning department has approved a series of applicants to subdivide lots throughout Issaquah.

Planners OK’d a short plat application to subdivide a 1.75-acre vacant parcel into three lots. The site is zoned single family-suburban and requires a minimum area of 9,600 square feet for each lot. Read more

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