‘Tumbling Blue’

April 1, 2014

I’m tumbled blue from the hours I’ve wasted and I can’t escape my fate or face this. I’m tumbled blue from the fairytales and lost loves I’ve never had and the lips I’ve never tasted.

I’m tumbled blue from wasting space on my hard drive with faces of people I have never met and if I do they won’t remember me in the slightest but the brightest of smiles are on my face because, hey, once they might have been like me and look how far they made it.

But they were never like me, because they made music on MTV, and baggy jeans and big dreams were cool and the silver screen was nothing compared to the vinyl discs they put in machines and radio was alive with hope and thought, today we bide our time, keep out heads down and hope we’re not wasting our days tumbling ourselves blue.

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