Editorial — Get involved before decisions are made

February 24, 2015

People are upset about the elimination of City  Arborist Alan Haywood’s position.

He has been taking care of Issaquah’s trees and plant life for nearly 30 years.

Who will speak for the trees now?

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Give government the gift of good grief

December 10, 2013

Budget season ended last month. You missed it. You missed many graphs, many charts, many numbers, many questions and many answers. You also missed the opportunity to take part.

You know that saying, “If you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain?” That should apply to civic action and education in general, especially regarding local government. If you don’t recognize the many ways the city tries to cultivate civic interaction, then you lose out on a chance to both learn how your tax dollars are spent and complain about how the council decides to spend them.

Peter Clark

Peter Clark

From social media alerts, two public hearings and five open work sessions, only one citizen stood up to speak. That’s pretty poor representation for Issaquah’s 31,000 residents.

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First of two Klahanie public hearings held

May 14, 2013

Citizens had their first opportunity to ask questions about the city’s approach toward a decision on the potential annexation of the Klahanie area.

The first of two public meetings was held May 8 for Nesbitt Planning Management Inc. representatives Tom Nesbitt and Cynthia Stuart to present the results of their study on the costs and benefits of a possible annexation. They also fielded questions from concerned citizens.

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