January 8, 2013

Use caution in seeking open records changes

Reporters can be pesky — annoying even, particularly when trying to get information out of government entities.

Reporters file requests for information under the state’s open records law more often than Joe Citizen, as they do their job on your behalf. Forgive us if reporters tend to be more sensitive to possible changes to those laws, particularly changes that might dam up the river of information.

Cities across the state are lobbying the Legislature to make changes to open records laws that could make public records — your records — harder to get.

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County executive eases access to public records

March 31, 2010

NEW — 6 a.m. March 31, 2010

King County Executive Dow Constantine has taken a step to aid people seeking public records from county government.

The measure directs each department in the executive branch of county government to designate a person responsible for compliance by public records officers who respond to requests under the state Public Records Act. The policy documents steps to be taken by employees when they receive a records request.

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